Sportradar, Stats Perform sign numerous deals as importance of sports data continue to rise

Sports media companies are increasingly using data analytics in sports reporting.

Sports data indulges in several different aspects of sports such as player performance, business operations, and recruitment. Individuals and teams competing in a tournament, as well as sports enterprises, can take advantage of sports data. The application of mathematical and statistical rules to sports is known as sports analytics.

Data analysis assists sports organisations in evaluating the performance of their athletes and determining the level of recruitment required to improve team performance. It also assesses the opponent’s strong and weak points, allowing coaches to make the best tactical decisions.

International sports firms, leagues and teams are increasingly using data analytics. Sport media companies use sports analytics to improve sports reporting, engage fans, and increase the entertainment value. Data analysts prepare this information on sports events and results, that allows fans to appreciate an athlete’s performance or the outcome of a game.

While speaking on the importance of sports data, Paul R, the partnership manager of Nimida sports (sports investment and development company) said, “With the growth of technology in sports field, data has become very crucial in decision making. Be it micro or macro, analysis of data influences every move in the industry. It’s not only in business where data is utilised, the performance of players also improves with access to data. Economic decisions in the sports industry will become heavily dependent on data in the near future.”

One such company is Sportradar, which is based in Switzerland. Sportradar is a multinational firm that collects and analyzes sports data. National and international sports federations, and media companies use Sportradar’s services.

The company is allied with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) as an official partner for all the major AFC competitions.

Sportradar also teamed up with Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) until 2023. The firm will monitor and detect any fraudulent activities that could happen in the tournament. UEFA, the European football governing body, also announced its first-ever gambling data partnership with Sportradar. The deal signed in this partnership runs until the end of the 2023/24 season. Sportradar also inked a deal with the National Basketball Association (NBA) in a multi-year partnership agreement. 

Sportradar recently joined hands with the International Hockey Federation (FIH). In this collaboration, Sportradar has been designated as the FIH’s exclusive betting and gaming data rights partner.

Apart from Sportradar, Stats Perform has also been proactive in this modern-day sports media sector. It collects and analyses sports data for use in a variety of sports sectors which includes professional team performance, broadcast, and betting. In addition, the company has become more involved in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Media outlets, sports leagues and teams, fantasy sports, and sports betting services are among its clients.

In June, Stats Perform bought the exclusive rights to distribute the stats and fast data of the West Indies Cricket team. The sports data firm also got the opportunity to stream all the matches. Later, England Cricket Board renewed its partnership for four more years with the company. 

Orlando Magic, the NBA team, also renewed its contract with the Chicago-based sports technology and data analytics firm.

In August, Stats Perform inked its data rights deal with the Italian top league, Serie A. The deal saw Stats Perform become the official betting and data rights partner of the league. The company has also signed a three-year deal with England’s Football Association (FA) to become the official data provider of the Barclays Women’s Super League (WSL).

Stats Perform also renewed its association with the German club Borussia Dortmund. The company provide the club with its ISF platform to support scouting and recruitment. The company is also associated with EredivisieRed Bee Media and Signify.

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