Mumbai Indians hold a firm ground on the commercial front in IPL 2024

Mumbai Indians have added 12 additional brands to their sponsorship pool, boosting the total to 26, including 11 international and 15 home businesses.

In the 17-year history of the league, Mumbai Indians (MI) have had their most prosperous commercial year in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024.

The outfit has added 12 additional brands to its sponsorship pool, boosting the total to 26, including 11 international and 15 home businesses. This growth represents a 20% increase in sponsorship value.

Skechers, Castrol and BPGoldi Solar, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Sanghvi S3 Group, Kingfisher, Kaspersky, Pokémon, NIC Ice Creams, Alan’s Bugles, GK TMT, and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) are among the new partners of MI for IPL 2024.

In addition to the 14 ongoing agreements that are being maintained from the previous year, each brand offers distinct value offerings that cover a variety of industries and interests. The sectors that the five-time IPL champions have partnered with include established and emerging firms.

Mumbai Indians, spokesperson, said, “As MI continues to grow into a global brand, our partnership portfolio continues to diversify every year. Our ability to innovate and bring unique engagement opportunities to brands allows for the maximization of set objectives. The mixed-bag of portfolio allows us to enhance fan experiences while also enabling brands to make a long-lasting impression in the minds of our fans and audiences across the world. We are thrilled to be working with a lot of new age and young brands that will help us as well as the brands strike a chord with our young audiences.”

Mumbai Indians’ status as a cricket talent nursery goes beyond the pitch, as evidenced by their brand collaborations. With the addition of numerous new-age and young businesses to the portfolio, MI’s strategy remains inclusive, catering to all age groups.

After extending and renewing several agreements with partners like Slice (front of jersey), DHL (back of jersey), IDFC First Bank (right chest), Jio (lead arm), Astral Pipes (upper non-lead arm), Skechers (lower non-lead arm), BP Castrol (lead leg) and Goldi Solar (non-lead leg), USHA (lead cap), and Garnier (back of cap), the former champions are still at the forefront of brand partner trust.

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