AC Milan join hands with Afinna One to launch AC Milan Connect

By collaborating with Afinna One on this project, AC Milan have made history by being the first football team in Italy to produce a mobile SIM card for their fans.

The Serie A outfit, AC Milan have collaborated with the leading Italian telecommunication company, Afinna One.

As per the partnership, Afinna One, the club’s telco partner will launch ‘AC Milan Connect’ sim card for its fans.

By collaborating with a phone provider on this project, the unit has made history by being the first football team in Italy to produce a mobile SIM card for its fans.

In addition, it will provide ever-more-integrated and cutting-edge services, giving the ardent Rossoneri supporters an ever more exclusive means of interacting with their favourite team.

Earlier, the club already signed partnerships with companies such as SekabetLeyu SportsidealistaBanco BPM, MSC CruisesBitMEXNew EraSnaifunFanblock and Corpay.

“ConnectVerse,” a new platform that combines a quick and reliable connection with a shared love for the Club, is also being introduced with the introduction of “AC Milan Connect.” Through discounts on official AC Milan items and exclusive digital material, the programme seeks to enhance the fan experience by giving supporters a new avenue to engage with their team.

Maikel Oettle, Chief Commercial Officer of AC Milan, commented, “We are proud to introduce AC Milan Connect in collaboration with our partner Afinna One. This new project is a step forward in our ambition to bring the fans closer to AC Milan, involving them more and more in the everyday life here at the Club. We are grateful to our partner for helping us create this unique product, which unites passion for football with connectivity.”

Massimo Lucera, CEO of Afinna One, stated, “We are proud to be part of such a unique project. AC Milan Connect brings connectivity and exclusive services, but most importantly a sense of greater belonging to the AC Milan family, wherever we are.”

Afinna One is a leading Italian telecommunications company that offers carrier-to-carrier, DIPaaS, and national services. The entity was founded in 2010, and it is based in Rome, Italy.

The Rossoneri are performing well in the ongoing 2023-24 edition. They will be playing their next encounter against Udinese on Sunday, November 5. 

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