UP Warriorz forge collaboration with Aashirvaad Atta for WPL 2024

The collaboration between Aashirvaad and UP Warriorz stems from a shared vision of empowering women, breaking down barriers, and facilitating growth.

The Women’s Premier League (WPL) team, UP Warriorz (UPW) have formed a partnership with India’s No. 1 packaged atta brand and a trusted household name, Aashirvaad Atta.

The collaboration, for WPL 2024, between Aashirvaad and the Capri Global-owned team stems from a shared vision of empowering women, breaking down barriers, and facilitating growth.

The alliance intends to highlight women’s cricket talent and encourage other women to pursue ‘Char Kadam Aage’ in their own endeavours. This collaboration is a crucial step forward in the brand’s tradition of empowering women, building on successful initiatives such as ‘Hunar, Raho Char Kadam Aage’ that have encouraged and elevated homemakers.

The top branded packaged atta brand across the country demonstrates this dedication by being the official partner of the UP Warriorz and advocating the cause of women’s empowerment in all aspects of life. Through this collaboration, the firm will bring attention to the uplifting “Char Kadam Aage” tales of the UP Warriorz team and provide fans with access to unique content such as speeches given before games, interviews with players, post-game analysis, and a peek at the lives of these outstanding cricket players.

Aashirvaad and the UP-based team have pledged to promote future cricketing talents in Uttar Pradesh by actively taking part in a grassroots development project that identifies and develops the skills of young women cricket players. This commitment extends beyond the WPL season. With the help of an inter-zonal tournament and additional coaching opportunities with UP Warriorz coaches, this extensive programme seeks to attract over 4,000 players across 30 districts in Uttar Pradesh. Ultimately, the players will have the chance of being selected to play for UP Warriorz.

Anuj Rustagi, COO, Staples & Adjacencies, ITC Ltd. said, “Over the past two decades, Aashirvaad Atta has delighted millions of households with a portfolio of high-quality, differentiated and superior offerings and the brand has been a consistent supporter of the spirit of women empowerment. Aashirvaad, with its core value of empowering women, finds resonance with ‘UP Warriorz’ dedication to inspire young women to pursue their passion to achieve excellence both on and off the field. We are proud to be part of this exciting journey to elevate women’s cricket and provide a platform for young talent to thrive.

“Through this partnership, Aashirvaad and UP Warriorz aim to curate a nurturing environment that empowers young women in Uttar Pradesh to pursue their cricketing dreams and contribute significantly to the future of Indian women’s cricket.”

Jinisha Sharma – Director, Capri Sports, said, “We are delighted to welcome ITC Aashirvaad Atta as our Official Partner for this season. This partnership is a perfect synergy between two brands and signifies a shared vision of empowering women. Together, we aim to inspire the next generation of female cricketers, providing them with opportunities to excel in the sport and beyond.”

Apart from this pact, the UP-based team also teamed up with the likes of Pond’s Sun Miracle Sunscreen, JSW Paints, Kay Beauty, EaseMyTrip, CarLelo, MyMaster11, and BIG FM

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