HDFC Life unveils ad campaign featuring Rishabh Pant to urge people to obtain life insurance

The campaign by HDFC Life which involves Rishabh Pant aims is to persuade people to protect their loved ones financially from unforeseen events.

The Indian banking and financial services company, HDFC Life has inked a collaboration with the Indian wicketkeeper batter, Rishabh Pant to develop a persuasive campaign to promote the need for term insurance.

The campaign’s goal is to persuade people to protect their loved ones financially from unforeseen events.

The campaign serves as a potent reminder of how unpredictable life is and how few second chances are offered. This makes it vital for one to plan ahead in order to help their loved ones overcome whatever obstacles life may throw their way. The film depicts Pant’s real-life journey, including all of his successes, happy times, and the event that gave him the most important lesson of his life.

The campaign will be shown on a variety of media, including print, outdoor, digital, and television.

Speaking about his association with the campaign, Rishabh Pant, said, “I am happy to be associated with HDFC Life for this campaign. Life is unpredictable, and HDFC Life has been at the forefront of encouraging people to financially secure themselves and their families against life’s uncertainties. Life insurance is a financial product that not only acts as a safety net but also enables us to continue the journey ahead with a sense of pride.”

Vishal Subharwal, Chief Marketing Officer and Group Head – Strategy, HDFC Life, commented, “The film captures the true essence of life while bringing the spotlight on the core benefit of term life insurance. We hope that the powerful real-life story of Rishabh Pant, a role model for many and a world-class athlete, serves as a pertinent example to make one realise the uncertainties of life and the need for financial protection. Most Indian households find it hard to sustain their living standards in the absence of adequate life insurance cover. We sincerely hope that this campaign will educate and inspire more individuals to secure their families with Term Insurance.”

Rajdeepak Das, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, South Asia, said, “The pandemic has left us with a false sense of invincibility. With this campaign we wanted to reiterate that not everyone gets a second chance at life. The biggest mistake we can make is to not learn from our mistakes and to bring home the message of unpredictability. We drew inspiration from the real-life incident of cricketer Rishabh Pant where he survived a near-fatal road accident. Our campaign breaks the illusion of invincibility and reiterates the importance of financial planning.”

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