CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League goes bullish in promoting the league over the next three years

CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League intends to build a global-scale spectacle in India with this strategic investment, seeking to capture the hearts and minds of racing enthusiasts.

The world’s first franchise-based supercross league, the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) has announced a three-year investment plan of around INR 150 crore.

This significant financial investment would go toward developing world-class racing infrastructure, fostering grassroots growth, and guaranteeing that world-class events are staged across India over the next three years. The league will also invest substantially in marketing and bringing the league to the people in order to capture the interest of sports and adventure-loving fans in India.

ISRL intends to build a global-scale spectacle in India with this strategic investment, seeking to capture the hearts and minds of racing enthusiasts. This effort follows the recent achievements of MotoGP Bharat and heralds the start of a thrilling new phase in motorcycle racing.

With significant expenditure, the league hopes to capitalize on the event’s enormous popularity and passion, raising Supercross to the position of top racing and presenting it to a wider audience.

Veer Patel, Co-Founder and Director, Supercross India Pvt. Ltd., said, “Our commitment extends far beyond the racetrack; it’s a mission to catapult Supercross racing in India onto the global stage, redefining it as an unparalleled phenomenon. Riders and fans from every corner of the world will pave new standards of excellence. This substantial investment reaffirms our unwavering resolve to provide young Indian talents with an unmatched international platform to display their extraordinary skills.

“This financial commitment will empower us to implement state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure, ensuring that our league stands head and shoulders above all other global Supercross events. It’s about delivering an experience that will not only captivate fans but also inspire the next generation of riders and elevate the sport to unprecedented heights.”

Eeshan Lokhande, Co-Founder and Director, Supercross India Pvt. Ltd, said, “The CEAT ISRL is a revolutionary force that is poised to elevate Supercross racing in India to the global stage. Our vision is to not only showcase this thrilling and adrenaline-pumping sport within our borders but also to position India as a leading destination for international motorsports enthusiasts. This investment marks the beginning of an exciting journey, and we invite everyone to join us on this thrilling adventure. The immense potential of motorsports in India remains steadfast, which is why we’ve taken a thoughtful step to reschedule the league by one month to avoid overlap with World Cup.

“This strategic shift ensures that our event enjoys the full and undivided attention it truly merits. Our vision is to establish the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League as a global sensation and a source of enduring national pride, etching a bold presence on the international motorsports landscape.”

According to the CEAT ISRL roadmap, the league is preparing for its inaugural season, which will take place in December 2023. The season was supposed to begin in October, but it had to be postponed owing to a scheduling problem with the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. The league’s inaugural season will feature races at several sites, and the league aims to expand to six venues in season two next year.

The league will include six to eight teams in its debut season and hopes to grow to eight to 10 teams in subsequent seasons.

The CEAT ISRL rider pool comprises supercross champions from South Africa and Australia, as well as other foreign riders, making it a truly global race.

The maiden season of the league guarantees high-octane excitement and fierce competition. There will be four thrilling racing categories: 450cc international riders alone, 250cc international riders only, India-Asia mix, and 85cc junior class. The league intends to reinvent supercross racing in India, attracting the attention of motorsports fans throughout the country.

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