US Masters T10’s American Dream kicks off

US Masters T10 has also onboarded a few American sportspersons as stakeholders.

The T10 cricket competition for retired players, US Masters T10, began on August 18, and a couple of days have also been completed. Cricket enthusiasts have enjoyed some enthralling action and must have also been disappointed over the cancellation of multiple fixtures.

The league, which will run through August 27, 2023, has also onboarded a few American sportspersons as stakeholders, which surely will enhance cricket in the country, particularly the league.

Gautam GambhirRobin Uthappa, Shahid Afridi, Yusuf Pathan and many other widely recognized cricketers from all over the world have participated in the inaugural edition of the competition.

The presence of prominent names in the league has managed to grab eyeballs from around the globe due to which the onboarding of commercial partners would have been a cakewalk for the organizers. Let’s take a look at the sponsors of the first-ever season of the US Masters T10:


WinBuzz – WinBuzz, a well-known online betting platform on a worldwide scale, has transformed the way people play in the field of online sports betting and gaming. WinBuzz, powered by Betfare, sets a new standard in the industry by providing a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and interesting betting experience.


Zim Cyber City – Zim Cyber City is the first MULK INTERNATIONAL Real Estate development in Zimbabwe, a project that is going to be administered by its domestically registered company ZIMBABWE GLOBAL INVESTMENTS (ZGI) under the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) scheme authorized by Zimbabwe’s President, H.E. Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Alubond – Alubond brand is one of the world’s major aluminium composite panels (ACP) and metal composite material (MCM) panels brands, with 25 million m2 of production and machining capacity across multiple locations.

Flicka Cosmetics – Flicka, a well-known cosmetics company, creates items that are appropriate for Indian skin tones. The brand sells a broad range of amazing products, such as eyeshadow palettes, liquid lipsticks, and metallic nail paints.


Pure Fuel – Pure Fuel, a sports energy drink, was established by Mustafa Shakur, a former American basketball player, Derrick Lance, David Elliott, and Ra-Tah Johnson.


SPORTAIN – SPORTAIN provides fans with an interactive experience which involves stats, a chance to engage, and much more. The platform also offers consumers an opportunity to get rewarded through different initiatives.

Viacation – Viacation Holidays is the top travel and tourism service provider. The company offers a broad range of travel options, such as flight tickets, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, immediately bookable holidays, and additional services such as lounge access at airports and train stations, meet and assist, and foreign currency facilitation, among others.

Xerion – Xerion Advanced Battery Corp, established in 2010, is a privately operated lithium-ion battery company with an aim to transform the energy market via the advancement of revolutionary technologies.

Cricket’s Enhancement in the United States:

We’ve also seen that numerous American firms have come forward to support the competition as sponsors. This clearly demonstrates the sport’s influence in the United States. Along with this, athletes from American competitions, such as Kayvon Thibodeaux, Maxi Kleber and Mickey Moniak have bagged ownership rights of a few teams, indicating that cricket in the country is progressing in the right trajectory.

Major League Cricket (MLC) was just held in the United States, and it was an enormous hit in terms of gate revenue and broadcast audience.

The arena was 80% full on average every day over the nine-match days at Grand Prairie Stadium, whereas Church Street Park in Morrisville, North Carolina was sold out on all six match days. It implies that over 70,000 people saw the inaugural season of MLC, generating $2.8 million in ticket sales income.

A few of the MLC teams had the same owners as the Indian Premier League (IPL) teams, which also drew fans of that specific IPL team.

Along with many legends of the sport, their massive fan bases will also tune in to the US Masters T10, helping the league get more viewers. Furthermore, the retired cricketers have been out of action for a long time, so their return to the field will undoubtedly be a nostalgic moment for their fans and will benefit the competition in terms of viewership.

The ongoing US Masters T10 could ride on the success of the recently concluded MLC. People were intrigued with MLC, and getting US Masters T10 in a matter of days after the 20-over competition’s conclusion should be a great stride for both organisers and fans in the US.

Along with this, the Indian cricket team played two T20Is against the West Indies a few days ago in Florida, where the stadiums were also full-packed. With so much cricket activity going on in the United States, supporters are likely to welcome this event with open arms.

The US Masters T10 could be the perfect dress rehearsal for the upcoming 2024 T20 World Cup, which will be staged in the West Indies and the United States. All of these recent competitions’ achievements will undoubtedly help the international tournament attract the attention of more US residents in 2024.

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