AC Milan name TG.Casino as regional igaming partner in Europe

Through this arrangement, TG.Casino hopes to take advantage of AC Milan's global reach and "catapult" itself into the top ranks of the industry.

The Serie A team, AC Milan have forged a partnership with a Telegram-based crypto casino, TG.Casino.

Through this deal, the brand has been named the official regional igaming partner of the Rossoneri in Europe. AC Milan will be granted access to a new fan engagement tool, allowing their fans to gain exclusive opportunities and increased access to their club.

TG.Casino, the very first online casino, was established in 2023 and operates on Telegram, a freemium cloud-based instant messaging service. Through this arrangement, the casino hopes to leverage AC Milan’s global reach and “catapult” itself into the top ranks of the industry.

Moreover, holders of $TGC tokens will be eligible to obtain exclusive experiences, such as VIP access to San Siro stadium events, official jerseys, and tours of the Milanello training facility.

Football and cryptocurrency have become increasingly intertwined in recent years, with teams like Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund (BVB) setting the standard with their cryptocurrency-related alliances with OKX and Coinbase, respectively. Nevertheless, this partnership goes a step further by expanding into the crypto-gambling sector.

Dean Akinjobi, CEO of Football Media, commented, “TG.Casino is growing at a phenomenal rate, the partnership with AC Milan is going to help to take the brand to the next level of growth and adoption. Football Media will be working with TG.Casino on maximising the collaboration through multiple activation strategies, enabling current and new customers to utilise assets associated with the AC Milan partnership, as well as providing a platform for innovation around Web 3.0, igaming and tokenization.

“We’ve definitely established this here, and will be ensuring that our planned marketing and activation strategies help to maximise the collaboration. This will also open up opportunities for $TGC token holders to have the unique opportunities to win lots of experiences offered by AC Milan, as part of our tailored partnership activation strategy. In order for football club sponsorships to be successful, it takes an appetite, willingness and flexibility from all parties to achieve collective goals.

“The plan is to engage with crypto and Web 3.0 audiences across Telegram, as well as educating Web 2.0 audiences about Web 3.0 services. The partnership with AC Milan will enable TG.Casino to achieve this at scale, supported by the growth of Telegram and our planned marketing and activation strategies. It’s very exciting times ahead as we’ve created a major opportunity for our client TG Casino, to lead and establish a market around new igaming innovations using Telegram and Web 3.0, with one of the biggest football clubs in the world, in AC Milan.”

Recently in February, the unit also developed partnerships with ComAve and Tamias.

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