Sheopal’s ropes in Mohammed Shami as brand ambassador

Sheopal's expects Shami to play a key role in promoting its existing offerings and upcoming product lines. 

Sheopal’s, an Ayurvedic health and beauty brand, has announced Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami as its new brand ambassador. 

The personal care brand believes Shami’s image aligns perfectly with its target market and will resonate with young men seeking high-quality grooming products.

The company expects Shami to play a key role in promoting its existing offerings and upcoming product lines. This includes its recently launched herbal Beard Serum, a product targeted specifically towards men’s grooming needs.

Mool Meena, Chief Operating Officer at Sheopal’s, expressed his excitement, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Mohammed Shami to the Sheopal’s family. He fits right in with what Sheopal’s is all about. He’s a dedicated and meritorious performer, just like our products. He resonates with the same qualities our brand stands for. And most importantly he has an amazing beard that reflects our Beard Serum’s effectiveness perfectly. His remarkable achievements and strong connection with our target audience make him the perfect fit for our brand. With this association, we aim to reinforce Sheopal’s as a top-of-the-mind recall in men’s grooming.”

Mohammed Shami, shared his enthusiasm, remarking, “I am thrilled to be associated with Sheopal’s, a brand that resonates with my values and beliefs. I look forward to representing Sheopal’s Beard Serum and contributing to the brand’s success.”

Danny Kumar, Head of Marketing at Sheopal’s, said, “We are ecstatic to have Mohammed Shami represent our brand. Beyond his cricketing prowess, Shami holds a special place as an idol among today’s youth, fostering wider connections with our target demographic. His endorsement enhances our brand experience, promising heightened visibility and deeper engagement. With Shami on board, Sheopal’s is poised to solidify its position as a leader in men’s grooming.”

Sheopals is a leading brand in India, offering a wide range of beauty and healthcare products. The grooming brand focuses on natural ingredients and avoids parabens and sulfates in its formulations. The product line includes items for common ailments like diabetes and joint pain, as well as hair and skin care products and even beard care for men.

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