Gujarat Titans, NEPRA effectively collaborate for sustainable waste management during IPL 2024

Partnering with NEPRA, GT diverted a significant 75,557kgs of waste from landfills across their first five home games at the Narendra Modi Stadium.

The 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL) champions, Gujarat Titans (GT) have implemented a successful waste management strategy for their home matches during the IPL 2024.

Partnering with Nepra Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. (NEPRA), a leading waste management firm, the Titans diverted a significant 75,557 kg of waste from landfills across their first five home games at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

This impressive achievement showcased a well-rounded approach to waste management. The diverted waste comprised 6,400 kg of wet waste, which was sent to Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Ltd for composting, and 69,157 kg of dry waste, which was recycled. This commitment to not only diverting waste but also transforming it into valuable resources like fertiliser demonstrated the Titans’ dedication to environmental responsibility.

NEPRA’s material recovery facility efficiently segregated dry waste into recyclable materials like mixed plastic, mixed paper, and PET. This meticulous process resulted in an additional 24% of the dry waste being diverted from landfills, further reducing the team’s environmental footprint.

To ensure fan participation, the Ahemdabad-based franchise launched comprehensive stadium awareness campaigns. These campaigns engaged fans through pre-game announcements, visual displays, interactive activities, and promotional materials. This educational approach informed fans about the importance of sustainable practices like waste segregation and responsible waste disposal practices.

Colonel Arvinder Singh, Chief Operating Officer of Gujarat Titans, said, “We are proud of our sustainability initiatives that have led to significant progress in minimizing our negative environmental impact during the TATA IPL 2024. Our partnership with NEPRA along with the enthusiastic participation of our fans has been instrumental in achieving these results. The efforts this year have built upon our efforts in diverting 98% of waste from landfills during IPL 2023. Gujarat Titans remain committed to exploring innovative solutions for sports to contribute to a greener earth.”

NEPRA Resource Management, founded in 2006, is a leading Indian waste management company working towards a zero-waste future. The company focuses on diverting waste from landfills through collection, segregation, processing, and recycling. Its operations span across India with a focus on social and environmental impact, even integrating waste pickers into its model for a more inclusive approach.

Currently, Shubman Gill and the team sit tenth on the league table with four wins in 11 games. Their next match is against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) on Friday, May 10 at 7:30 PM IST.

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