Oakley, Rohit Sharma partnership unveils ‘Be Who You Are’ campaign

Oakley's 'Be Who You Are' campaign builds on the themes of self-belief and authenticity that resonated with audiences in previous iterations.

The global sports performance brand, Oakley and the Indian cricket team captain, Rohit Sharma have partnered up to launch a new campaign, “Be Who You Are”.

The campaign built on the theme of self-belief and authenticity that resonated with audiences in previous iterations.

This year’s campaign delves deeper, showcasing the personal journeys of athletes. The Hitman served as the central figure using his experiences to inspire the next generation. The campaign highlighted the struggles and triumphs that shape an athlete’s career, emphasising the importance of staying true to oneself throughout the process.

Oakley aims to use this platform to motivate young athletes. By showcasing Sharma’s unwavering confidence and dedication to his path, the campaign encourages youngsters to embrace their individuality and chase their dreams with self-belief.

Commenting on the campaign, Rohit Sharma, shared “Through the ‘Be Who You Are’ campaign, we aim to inspire the next generation of athletes to embrace their authenticity and pursue their dreams with unwavering self-belief, a mantra that has guided me in my journey. Teaming up with Oakley, our goal was to bring alive the message, that it’s not just about chasing victories on the field for an athlete, but about conquering any terrain, in any arena, and any sport, simply by being true to themselves.”

Sahil Jandial, Senior Brand Business Manager, Oakley India, said, “At Oakley, we are thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Rohit Sharma and unveil the latest chapter of our ‘Be Who You Are’ campaign. Oakley believes in highlighting both the human side, as well as the sporting side, shining a spotlight not only on the athlete’s talent but also on their role as a leader and positive role model for future generations.”

The ad campaign for Oakley has been conceptualized by Brandmovers India. Suvajyoti Ghosh, MD & Chief Creative Officer, Brandmovers India, shared, “In our years of association with Rohit, we have watched him grow and thrive to become one of the most successful athletes in the world. His accomplishments are as great and as many as they are hard-earned – he is an inspiration and that is how we wished to portray him for our campaign this year.”

Brandmovers is a global digital marketing and creative agency with a presence in India. The agency focuses on a unique “tradigital” approach, blending traditional and digital marketing strategies. 

Oakley is a brand known for its high-performance sunglasses but also offers a range of apparel and accessories. Its sunglasses are popular for its innovative lens technology, providing UV protection and sharp vision, especially for sports and activities. Beyond sunglasses, Oakley offers athletic apparel like shirts, pants, and hats, designed for comfort and performance.

In the latest campaign, Rohit is seen sporting the brand’s newly launched eyewear – Sphaera and Bisphaera. These revolutionary styles offer the most extended field of view yet, making them ideal for athletes who demand peak performance.

Recently, the 37-year-old featured in the latest Oral-B advertising campaign promoting the brand’s new Criss Cross toothbrush, demonstrating his influence beyond the sporting world.

The former Mumbai Indians (MI) captain will be in action in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 on May 11 against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) at 7:30 PM IST. Later, the winner of the inaugural T20 World Cup, Sharma will lead Team India for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 held in the USA and West Indies.

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