British Cycling extends Renold partnership for further three years

Over 100 customised chains will be produced by Renold for British Cycling for the Olympic and Paralympic teams to use during this summer.

The national governing body for cycling sport in the Great Britain, British Cycling has inked a partnership renewal with Renold, the market-leading power transmission business.

Renold’s agreement with the Great Britain Cycling Team has been extended for another three years, allowing the company to continue providing specialised bike chains. Since 2011, the track riders for the Great Britain Cycling Team have benefited from the long-standing collaboration between Renold and Bristol University, which allows them to pool their knowledge to create custom, handmade chains.

Renold designed a unique Olympic chain after the Rio 2016 Games, which has helped sustain continued success on the track. The chain continued to develop through the Tokyo Olympics, whereupon a brand-new chain with more efficiency than the previous versions was introduced.

Over 100 customised chains will be meticulously produced for the Olympic and Paralympic teams to use during the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer, under the renewed partnership.

Stephen Park CBE, Performance Director for the Great Britain Cycling Team, said, “We’re delighted to renew our partnership with Renold until 2027. Our mission is to be the best sports team in the world and having such a high-quality partner in Renold, who have been providing us with the best bike chains since 2011, supports us greatly towards that goal. We look forward to seeing what further innovations the next three years of our partnership will bring.”

Darren Henry, Commercial Director, British Cycling, said, “Securing the ongoing support of an expert partner such as Renold highlights the value that such a long-term and collaborative partnership brings to both organisations. Our valued technical and equipment partners play a vital role in supporting both British Cycling and the Great Britain Cycling Team to deliver continued success in the future, and power us towards our mission to bring the joy of cycling to everyone.”

Rodrigo Andres, Chain Europe’s Commercial Director, said, “We are very proud to work with British Cycling and play our part in the success of one of the most successful track cycling teams in the world. The fact that Renold has been British Cycling’s chosen chain partner for well over a decade illustrates the outstanding, market leading, quality and performance offered by our highly engineered chains. We wish the team every success in the coming Olympics and all future competitions.”

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