FC Bengaluru United, Sevilla FC collaborate to conduct hackathon

Analytics Vidhya, the world's leading science-related platform, will host the hackathon.

Football clubs, FC Bengaluru United, one of India’s most promising innovative teams, and its overseas associate, Spanish powerhouse, Sevilla FC, have come together to conduct a ‘Football Hackathon – Data Driven Players Performance Assessment’ in a historical debut.

This online hackathon will provide a once-in-a-lifetime chance to apply data science to professional football monitoring and player performance assessment. Analytics Vidhya, the world’s leading science-related platform, will host the hackathon, which will provide all data aficionados with the chance to win both cash rewards and Sevilla FC goods.

Sevilla FC and FC Bengaluru United will provide participants exposure to one of the world’s most comprehensive private research databases, which involves physiological, contextual, kinematical, tactical, and analytical data on players, teams, and competitors. The hackathon’s purpose is to use this dataset as a strategic resource to design algorithms that would help to deconstruct analyze, assess and review player performance in order to increase the effectiveness of both the Sevilla FC and FC Bengaluru United rosters.

 Gaurav Manchanda, Owner, FC Bengaluru United, said, “Data analytics play a key role in football today to offer game-oriented solutions and to give clubs a competitive edge.

“One of the goals of our long-term partnership with Sevilla FC is to work on projects that address technological innovation and the Hackathon ties in perfectly with our overall vision. This is a first-of-its-kind football Hackathon and we are excited about the type of solutions that will be developed.”

Dr. Elías Zamora, Chief Data Officer, Sevilla FC, stated, “Sevilla FC has a strategic commitment towards the development and implementation of data-driven technologies across all operative areas of the club. As a result, the club, empowered by its Data Department, keeps itself involved in a wide spectrum of machine-learning intensive projects that aim to optimize the quality of our squad and to grow and fully engage our fan base.”

“The final goal is to keep being extraordinarily competitive within a footballing scenario of financial inequality by combining the increment in the pace of resource generation and their intelligent allocation,” said, Ramón Rodríguez, General Sports Director, Sevilla FC.

The Indian football club and the LaLiga giants announced a five-year partnership in January 2021, focusing on these two key areas: co-defining and co-developing technological initiatives in the world of football and expanding the Spanish football club’s presence in one of the world’s most thriving and developing football marketplace.

Furthermore, the coveted World Football Summit (WFS) Awards presented FC Bengaluru United and Sevilla FC with the Best Internationalization Strategy award, making them the first Indian football clubs to receive this honour.

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