Extreme E, Ocean Bottle join hands to lessen ocean plastic

During the collaboration along with its joint principles, Extreme E and Ocean Bottle hope to remove the equivalent of 1,000,000 plastic bottles.

The sport-for-purpose electric racing series, Extreme E has announced a new partnership with a B Corp-certified reusable bottle brand, Ocean Bottle.

The agreement was established as both organisations are well-known for their sustainability initiatives and for achieving successful climate change outcomes. The collaboration will start in advance of Extreme E Season 4 next year.

Ocean Bottle, an ecologically friendly reusable bottle company, has stopped over 10 million kilogrammes of plastic from entering the ocean since its launch in 2019. Every Ocean Bottle sold contributes to the global collection of 11.4 kg of plastic, similar to 1,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles, in coastal regions that are most affected by plastic pollution.

Plastic is now responsible for 85% of all waste from the ocean and is expected to triple by 2040. Ocean Bottle contributes to the funding of plastic collection centres in Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with 372 communities gaining from formal waste management facilities.

Extreme E bought 250 customised versions of the BOB bottle range, which is akin to removing 250,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles. During the collaboration along with its joint principles, Extreme E and Ocean Bottle hope to remove the equivalent of 1,000,000 plastic bottles as part of their joint ecological dedication to the worldwide climate crisis.

Moreover, the bottles have an NFC-enabled smart chip built into them that enables owners to identify the bottle with the Ocean Bottle Mobile App. This enables owners to contribute to the removal of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean (for free) every time a refill is registered, making a significant contribution to climate action.

Ali Russell, Managing Director, Extreme E, commented, “I am delighted to announce our new partnership with Ocean Bottle. They are an award-winning company with strong commitments towards delivering environmental solutions and positive action, and it is great to partner with them for our upcoming fourth season.

“Extreme E has a shared environmental focus with Ocean Bottle on reducing emissions and combatting the climate crisis, with driving innovation at the forefront of this partnership. It is great to work with Ocean Bottle to remove a quarter of a million plastic bottles from our oceans as part of this agreement, and we look forward to exploring further opportunities to deliver more climate-friendly initiatives as part of our collaboration.”

Will Pearson, Ocean Bottle Co-Founder, said, “Beyond the incredible impact already created by this partnership, Extreme E and Ocean Bottle share the deepest connection through our joint sustainability purpose. Creating social and environmental impact solutions is why we both exist and we’re proud to stand alongside Extreme E and their partners in this joint objective.”

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