Deepak Chahar’s signature sports brand DNINE collaborates with TZS Digital

TZS Digital will work closely with Deepak Chahar's DNINE to construct a respectable brand image and establish a digital presence.

DNINE, Deepak Chahar‘s hallmark sports brand, has established a digital marketing collaboration with Delhi-based digital marketing company, TZS Digital.

As part of the deal, TZS Digital will work closely with DNINE, which includes a range of sports items such as sports shoes, nutrition, and accessories, to construct a respectable brand image, establish a digital presence, and sell various DNINE goods.

DNINE has launched a new range of sports items, including shoes, nutrition, and accessories, all at affordable pricing. These items are intended for athletes of the 21st century, with an emphasis on performance and safety on the field.

Deepak Chahar, who has suffered several injuries throughout his career, wishes to protect the well-being of young players.

Lokendra Chahar, Managing Director of DNINE Sports, said, “More than himself, Deepak trusts his sporting equipment that he relies on. And so, with that in mind, he launched his new brand DNINE because he did not want the new generation to settle for anything less than the best.”

On this development, Deepak Chahar, said, “Team TZS Digital has been like an extended arm working round the clock with us and bouncing off some really great ideas for the brand.”

Tauquir Zaidi, Managing Director at TZS Digital, said, “This project brings a lot of adrenaline to the team, and we have all sorts of fiery ideas to break into the digital channels. India desperately needs world-class products at competitive prices to unleash its true athletic potential.”

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