Exclusive: We realised that there was a need for a faster and simpler way of playing fantasy cricket and to make the UI/UX more intuitive – Jaya Chahar, Founder & CEO, Trade Fantasy Game

Mrs Jaya Chahar spoke about varied topics surrounding TFG.

Earlier this year in February, the Indian speedster, Deepak Chahar kicked off a new inning by venturing into entrepreneurial space by launching the fantasy gaming platform, Trade Fantasy Game (TFG). The three-time Indian Premier League (IPL) winner co-founded TFG with his wife, Jaya Chahar, who serves as the CEO of JCDC Sports Pvt. Ltd.

Apart from being the co-founder, Deepak is also TFG’s brand ambassador and has also launched a campaign, Tukka Nahin Chakka Maro”, earlier this year in March, featuring himself. The objective of the campaign was to motivate the users to make informed and educated choices. Chahar will be leveraging his massive social media following to acquire users for the platform.

The likes of Ambati Rayudu and Khaleel Ahmed have been roped in to promote the fantasy gaming platform.

SportsMint Media got an opportunity of interacting with the Founder and CEO of Trade Fantasy Game, Mrs Jaya Chahar. In the conversation, Mrs Chahar spoke about varied topics surrounding TFG, ranging from the establishment of the platform to the competition in the Indian fantasy market to the business model and much more things.

1. What led to the inception of TFG?

I was working for Airtel Digital before starting my own company and had 7+ years of experience across MNCs like Warner Brothers, BBC and Star TV in consumer online products/services. Gaming is a passion for Deepak and me and so it led us into gaming. RMG within gaming was the largest contributor to the sector and within that, too cricket was driving the largest growth. In our research, we realised that there was a need for a faster and simpler way of playing fantasy cricket as well as make the UI/UX more intuitive and premium for even a non-fantasy gamer to understand. Therefore, with all of the above, our opportunity was clear and the TFG concept was born.

2. How will TFG compete with the densely populated Indian Fantasy market?

TFG not only has a unique value proposition for the users in terms of level-up opportunities to gain cash rewards over and above the prize pool, faster and simpler team creation process and wildcard options, but it is also building into an entire ecosystem to solve problems like engagement on non-match days, features for non-fantasy gamers and other unique features for a larger user base where even making a fantasy team may not be required.

All of these coupled with our understanding of the masses of India, our GTM strategy is strong and will lead us into winning into the market.

3. Will there be a campaign featuring Ambati Rayudu and Khaleel Ahmed?

We collaborated with Ambati Rayudu and Khaleel Ahmed, to begin with. We intend to continue collaborations with the next-gen cricketers who resonate with our users and audiences. We also have some big names coming along with Co-founder & Brand ambassador Deepak Chahar for our next campaign!

4. Could you please elaborate on the business model of an FSP like TFG?

The business model of TFG is similar to all other FSP platforms. We generate income with platform fees from our users which is as per industry standards (probably even lower currently).

5. Will TFG have more sports apart from cricket on its platform?

Yes, TFG will be venturing into other sports as well. We are already working on that strategy however I will not be able to reveal right now which sports we will launch first after cricket.

6. How vital is technology going to be in the sports sector in the near future?

Technology in sports is a very wide topic. Ranging from sports wearables to measuring player movements and speed, to data tracking and virtual reality, there is a lot of tech being used. The growth here is co-dependent. The need for sports leads to larger technological inventions and vice versa.

When it comes to gaming overall, the technology is booming however each market is treated differently. If you see today, everything is user-centric and products/models are innovated keeping that in mind.

7. What’s your opinion on the booming gaming industry in India?

The gaming industry overall in India is a $5Bn+ market opportunity. It is a 300mn+ user base growing with ease of access (accelerating faster thanks to 5G) and a spike in new adoption rates. If you see the RMG sector today, it is growing at a CAGR OF 33% and even monetization of non-RMG is nascent but is definitely trending positively.

The familiarity with the content, user-generated content (such as e-sports) and Influencers (playing a big part in strong community building for FSP) are all serving as effective hooks to onboard new gamers and increase engagement. All of this put together + consumer research insights point to massive market evolution.

The same is also recognized by the government of India and has been spotlighted as a significant driver of economic and technological growth in the country.

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