Atomberg unveils TVC featuring Harsha Bhogle

The TVC starring Harsha Bhogle reinterprets the traditional notion of "What a Fan!" and deftly incorporates Atomberg's cutting-edge smart BLDC technology fan.

The consumer durables brand, Atomberg has unveiled a TVC featuring the veteran commentator, Harsha Bhogle.

“One of two films in the campaign, this TVC adds an additional layer to its universe of pre-existing cricket partnerships. The TVC leverages Harsha Bhogle’s iconic cricket commentary and juxtaposes it with the brand’s beloved characters, albeit fully grown up- Atom and Berg, to bring out the playful theme of ‘What a Fan!’,” the company said in a release.

The TVC opens with Harsha Bhogle in the commentator’s box praising a superfan in the crowd and saying, “What a fan!” and then cuts to Atom and Berg, who add a benign line of questioning to the mix. Among the lighthearted inquiries are ones about the fan’s energy efficiency and its compatibility with smartphones (Lekin, kya hai bijli bachata hai? Phone se bhi control hota hai?), confounding Bhogle and making the audience laugh out loud.

The story reinterprets the traditional notion of “What a Fan!” and deftly incorporates Atomberg’s cutting-edge smart BLDC technology fan, emphasising its energy-saving attributes, remote control capabilities, and capacity to lower electricity costs relative to its class of fans, establishing a strong association between the two.

Nikhil Pandey, Category Manager- Ceiling Fans, Atomberg Technologies, said, “We are excited to launch this TVC right after the commencement of our BCCI Official partnership. The TVC celebrates the spirit of fans; the ‘What a Fan!’ theme captures the joy and energy that fans bring to the game, drawing parallels to the joy we aspire to deliver to our consumers with our range of energy-efficient smart fans. it was a pleasure associating with Mr. Harsha Bhogle for the film and he was a great joy to work with. We are super excited for the end product and hope that his stature helps us going forward, given the visibility of the TVC.”

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