ACwO releases TVC featuring Sunil Chhetri for its latest product offering

The commercial film by ACwO, which stars Sunil Chhetri, highlights TWS's capacity to bring people together via shared auditory experiences while showcasing the product's distinctive offering.

ACwO, an audio brand, has released a new advertisement featuring its brand ambassador and Indian national football team captain, Sunil Chhetri, for its new product, India’s first dual-sharing wireless TWS equipped with wireless charging, DwOTS Fire.

This product, which is available on Myntra, ONDC Network, and ACwO’s official website, provides the first dual-sharing wireless earphones (TWS) in India.

The product is built not only for solo enjoyment but also for sharing experiences. ACwO fosters adaptability, togetherness, and shared experiences through music with DwOTS Fire, a gadget that also echoes the marketing campaign ‘Share the Bud, Share the Love.’

DwOTS Fire customers can connect in-ear and half-in-ear buds separately. DwOTS Fire adjusts to needs, whether one likes the complete immersion of in-ear buds or the casual convenience of half-in-ear buds. It has six specific equaliser modes: music, theatre, balanced in half-in-ear buds, and gaming, theatre, balanced in in-ear buds, providing a comprehensive audio experience adapted to individual interests and pursuits.

DwOTS Fire incorporates rapid charging and wireless connectivity, as well as environmental noise suppression, for further convenience. When one pair of buds runs out of charge, users can simply change to the other set without missing a beat. DwOTS Fire is voice assistant-activated, touch-sensitive, equipped with unique wireless charging, and has a total battery life of 52 hours of entertainment. Built for those with a hectic schedule, these buds use V5.3 Bluetooth technology, are water and sweat-resistant, provide a secure fit, and are known for connecting to devices rapidly.

Sunil Chhetri, said, “When I first saw the product, I was impressed to say the least. The DwOTS Fire is a game-changer, one that is a mix of a revolutionary idea and great audio quality. It is a testament to ACwO’s push for innovation and I’m certain the product will be well-received by everyone.”

A comprehensive cross-media marketing campaign, with an advertisement film urging users to “Share the Bud, Share the Love,” is supporting the debut of DwOTS Fire. The poignant commercial, which stars Sunil Chhetri, highlights the product’s unique selling point while emphasising TWS’s potential to bring people together through shared audio experiences.

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