US lawmakers asks 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics sponsors to back out

Representatives from companies including Airbnb, Intel and Visa appeared at the hearing, and mostly countered the accusations by saying they were supporting the Games.

The 2022 Games will also mark the first time the same city hosts both the Summer and Winter Games; Beijing also hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics. Beijing also will become the 11th city to host multiple Olympics. Moreover, China becomes just the ninth country to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

As far as geography is concerned, Beijing will mark the last in three straight Olympic Games hosted in East Asian countries: Pyeongchang, South Korea hosted the 2018 Winter Games, followed by Tokyo in 2021, and Beijing in 2022.

American government officials who went against the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics have scrutinized the occasion’s US corporate backers during a legislative hearing.

Vote-based and Republican congresspersons censured the backers for participating in the Games and not standing firm against supposed denials of basic liberties in China.

Delegates from organizations including Airbnb, Intel, and Visa who showed up at the meeting countered the allegations by saying they were supporting the Games, the competitors who are partaking, and that they stayed focused on common freedoms insurance.

Airbnb’s head of Olympics and Paralympics association David Holyoke reacted to inquiries around supposed limitations on movement forced by the Chinese government on Uyghur Muslims and Tibetans by saying, “In China, we are needed to observe neighbourhood laws and guidelines”.

US legislators have been sloping up assaults on Beijing 2022 as pressures with China on the global stage have developed. American analysis has zeroed in on supposed denials of basic liberties by Chinese specialists against the Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang district. China denies the charges.

Recently, a gathering of US legislators mentioned that the International Olympic Committee move the Games from Beijing. A blacklist of the Games has been examined by some American politicians.

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