Uber Eats becomes Eintracht Spandau’s flagship sponsor

SPORTFIVE, a sports marketing firm forged the partnership.

Eintracht Spandau, a German esports organization, has collaborated with Uber Eats, an online food delivery platform.

SPORTFIVE, a sports marketing firm which had lately launched a serious esports drive, forged the relationship involving Uber Eats and Eintracht Spandau.

Uber Eats would be the German club’s flagship sponsor with the Uber Eats emblem appearing over the chest of Eintracht’s uniforms. In the upcoming few months, the two organizations would also collaborate on different forms of content.

Eintracht Spandau is an esports team created in late 2021 by Maximilian Knabe, a well-known gaming personality. The company participates in League of Legends and had a great rookie season, advancing for the European Masters event on their first endeavour. Football is claimed to be a source of encouragement for the organization’s merchandising, brand voice, and community interaction.

The partnership with Uber Eats is crucial for the organization, as the highly renowned delivery firm is now Spandau’s biggest single sponsor. Uber Eats has previously collaborated with Spacestation Gaming and has funded a variety of sports and esports organizations, including the football club, Marseille. In addition to being the name sponsor of Ligue 1, France’s top-tier football league, the firm is also assisting with the development of the official Ligue 1 esports competition.

Friedrich Kabler, Uber Eats’ Press Officer in Germany, said, “Eintracht Spandau has not only turned the German Prime League upside down with its performances, but with an unconventional and entertaining manner, with a huge fan base gathered behind them in a very short time.

“Together we want to make our growing offer in 27 cities with authentic content productions appealing to the esports community in Germany. We firmly believe that with Eintracht Spandau, we are establishing a pioneer for the international esports industry with regard to content production.”

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