Thiago Silva becomes brand ambassador of Hebron Group

As part of the deal, the 37-year-old Chelsea player will be involved in marketing and advertising for the firm.

The Brazilian professional footballer, Thiago Silva has been named as the brand ambassador of the Hebron Group. The development was co-operated by Alob Sports agency and the association was revealed at an event in Brazil.

As part of the deal, the 37-year-old Chelsea player will be involved in marketing and advertising for the firm, which produces the Energiclin line of vitamin-mineral supplements.

On the association, Silva said, “In my career I went through great challenges and overcomings and we have a very similar history of achievements. I hope that we can continue to grow, for the good things ahead. Being the new ‘Energiclin Ambassador’ is a great honour for me. I am very grateful and happy with my nomination.”

Bernardo Pontes, Partner at Alob Sports, commented, “Thiago Silva’s winning story is well known. Whether on or off the field, he carries essential values that value his image, such as humility and commitment. We were happy to be able to join him to Hebron, which is a very credible company in the pharmaceutical segment. Both sides will benefit from this union.”

Josimar Henrique Júnior, CEO and President, Hebron Group, said, “Thiago is an athlete who inspires millions of football fans around the world, for his ability to persist, transform and lead, whether in his official team or the main team of the country. Few players were able, for the Brazilian team, to win two Olympic medals and defend three world cups with such strength of will. And these characteristics have a lot of synergy with Energiclin.

“He will play a fundamental role in amplifying themes that go far beyond the sport itself, but which are directly connected to our values, both the brand and the company, expanding our image to more customers and consumers. For us, this partnership is a source of great joy and we are sure of success.”

Back in January, the defender for the Premier League club also signed a one-year extension with the team until the end of the 2022/23 season.

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