Suniel Shetty invests in Pro Panja League; buys single-digit equity

Suniel Shetty believes PPL has potential owing to its indigenous origins, easy entry point, and television-friendly appeal.

Suniel Shetty, a renowned Bollywood actor and entrepreneur, has acquired a minority stake in the professional Indian arm wrestling competition, Pro Panja League (PPL).

Pro Panja League, founded by a well-known celebrity couple, Parvin Dabas and Preeti Jhangiani, is quickly gaining prominence in India. This league embraces diversity by acknowledging members from all walks of life, to reach a large audience through television broadcasts. The league, which began on July 28, is intended to attract fans and establish an active online presence in its current season.

On the development, Suneil Shetty, said, “I am on board with Pro Panja League as an equity partner at the group level. My shareholding will be in the single digits.”

The prominent actor believes that arm wrestling has tremendous potential as a sport in India, owing to its indigenous origins, easy entry point, and television-friendly appeal. He considers it a welcoming sport for both men and women, with minimum infrastructure demands, making it an appealing investment.

Parvin Dabas, one of the league’s founders, reckons that having Suniel Shetty’s involvement will increase enthusiasm for the league. They intend for the competition to be a blend of sports and entertainment.

For the first two years, Panja Sports intends to invest INR 20 crore in the league. The organisation is currently more mindful of attracting people to watch its games than of making money. This is mainly because the league can expect sponsors if more people start watching.

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