MS Dhoni invests in fitness start-up Tagda Raho

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Tagda Raho are poised to foster a movement for a healthier India via their shared values.

The Bangalore-based fitness start-up, Tagda Raho has announced that the former Indian captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has joined the company as an investor.

In an effort to create a fitter India, the World Cup-winning captain joins with Tagda Raho to revive the “OG Indian Workout” and broaden the reach of the domestic brand so that Indians all over the nation can participate. The company, which already operates training dugouts in Bangalore, plans to open its first location in Maharashtra in December and will subsequently spread to four or five more states in the upcoming year.

The first and only fitness programme in the world, Tagda Raho, combines conventional Indian equipment with cutting-edge training software. Dhoni’s unmatched commitment to fitness and the company’s dedication to revitalising Indian physical culture combine to create a partnership that has the potential to completely transform the fitness sector. The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) skipper and Tagda Raho are poised to foster a movement for a healthier India via their shared values.

On the development, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said, “Fitness is and has been a part of my life; when I was young in the form of sports and now it has evolved to making workouts a part of my everyday routine. When I came across Tagda Raho, the concept really appealed to me. Intrinsically Indian, the equipment used in the workout has been a part of traditional strength training and Tagda Raho has expertly innovated and adapted both the equipment and the movementsn in a modern avatar.

The workout involves movements and an increased range of motion that activates several muscles that usually remain dormant, it focuses on your core, and stability and enhances your mobility. This is also excellent for athletes who are now looking at new forms of exercise to maintain their fitness levels and remain injury-free.

“I believe in investing in startups and homegrown brands that I can help grow from a grassroot level. Tagda Raho for me is very interesting because of the innovation involved in bringing a perhaps forgotten workout to the forefront once again. I am very excited to be part of the brand’s vision in expanding and taking the workout to all corners of the country.”

The brand has gained popularity for its unique approach to functional training and is now a viable option for anyone looking to improve their fitness without going to a gym due to alterations made to the equipment and movement protocols. The company has brought back the “OG Indian Workout” by fusing an innovative training programme with age-old tools like Indian clubs like the Gada, Mudgars, Vajra, and Sumtola.

Professional teams and organisations like Lucknow Super Giants, Haryana Steelers, and the National Cricket Academy (NCA) have utilised the equipment and training programme, which has helped the brand become more well-known and credible in the industry.

Rishabh Malhotra, Founder of Tagda Raho, said, “Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been a role model for the country, he defines physical fitness and longevity in sport and we are extremely happy to have him back the Tagda Raho team and vision. His dedication to fitness and supporting homegrown brands perfectly aligns with our mission to empower individuals to lead healthier lives and add a new dimension to Indian physical culture. Our aim is to expand Tagda Raho’s training dugouts across India and enter international markets, with a belief in the potential of Indian fitness practices to make a global impact.”

Tagda Raho’s comprehensive workout programme provides full-body circuits that assist people in focusing on the key pillars of endurance, power, and mobility. The company also has patented modular equipment that allows for customization and adaptability to different needs.

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