Sachin Tendulkar, PV Sindhu feature in new Spinny campaign

Pre-owned car sales have gained traction in recent years, particularly among young Indians in major metropolitan areas.

The full-stack used car platform, Spinny has launched its first national marketing campaign under the brand promise “Khushiyon Ki Long Drive.” The campaign, which features Sachin Tendulkar and PV Sindhu, highlight the brand’s vision of making the car buying and ownership journey a simple and delightful experience. The campaign, created by Spring Marketing Capital, encapsulates the joy of adding a personal car to one’s life journey.

Pre-owned car sales have gained traction in recent years, particularly among young Indians in major metropolitan areas. Pre-owned cars are steadily gaining popularity due to factors such as greater value for money and a wider selection of vehicles available in near-mint condition on full-stack digital platforms.

In this two-film campaign, Sachin Tendulkar and PV Sindhu assure families about purchasing their first car, while the family seeks advice from neighbours and relatives which pretty much happens when a family decides to purchase their first car.

The film also strategically encapsulates Spinny’s full-stack features, such as online research and test drives from home, that contribute to creating a seamless vehicle purchasing journey. The finalised vehicle is then delivered to their home, signalling the start of their Khushiyon Ki Long Drive.

Talking about the campaign, Suvid Bajaj, Head of Marketing – Spinny, said, “It was a memorable experience to work with our brand ambassadors Sachin Tendulkar and PV Sindhu on this campaign. Sachin is our strategic investor as well and he was fully involved with our idea. The idea of our campaign is to strike a chord with the young buyers and their life journeys. Through this campaign, we wanted to highlight the joyous story of millions of buyers, who work hard, save bit by bit and then invest in a car of their own. With Spinny’s strong focus and positive response to services, a film with PV Sindhu will be released as part of this campaign as well. Sindhu is deeply involved with Spinny as she started as our customer and now of course a captain of Squad Spinny.”

Sachin Tendulkar stated, “Our country is becoming younger and our ambitions bigger. I am very happy to be associated with Spinny – a team that aspires to create solutions the right way. The team has adopted timeless values to achieve excellence in their business – trust, transparency, and integrity. This is one such story of a family at the start of their Khushiyon ki long drive with Spinny.”

Mrinmoy Mukherjee, CEO, SRT Sports Management (organisation managing Sachin Tendulkar), said, “Throughout this journey, we wish to bring to life several interesting stories of human aspirations. Khushiyon Ki Long Drive is just the beginning”.

Arun Iyer, CCO, Spring marketing, commented, “Buying their first car is one of the most exciting journeys for a family. We have attempted to weave a relatable story of a family starting their aspirational journey with their first car, while also informing our viewers why Spinny is the best destination for a used car purchase. Having Sachin Tendulkar narrate the film brought a feeling of trust and reassurance to it, and we hope that our viewers love our campaign as much as we do.”

Spinny will use its own social and YouTube channels, as well as a strong presence on other digital platforms for the digital campaign. The advertisement will also be shown on Disney+Hotstar during the upcoming IPL 2022, with Spinny as an associate sponsor.

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