RCB players raise awareness about water preservation for sustainable future with Hindware

The TVC campaign by Hindware Limited featuring RCB players will be featured on major networks and online platforms all throughout the nation.

The Indian bathware giant, Hindware Limited has unveiled an advertisement campaign, #TapIntoTheFuture, starring Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) players.

Mullen Lintas conceptualised and designed the campaign, which aims to raise awareness about water conservation for a more sustainable future by highlighting the brand’s most recent invention, the Aqua Pro Water-Saving Nozzles. The campaign’s goal is to educate and urge viewers to initiate practical efforts towards lowering their water impact.

The ground-breaking Aqua Pro Nozzle, created in association with the Swedish innovation firm Altered, is intended to raise the bar for water conservation. These innovative nozzles, which are designed to blend in well with any standard tap, have the amazing capacity to conserve up to 98% of water use. The Swedish Atomization Technology of the Aqua Pro Nozzle divides water flow into three modes: “Spray, Dome, and Mist.” This allows for a considerable reduction in water use without losing functionality and guarantees that water is used as efficiently as possible.

Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, CEO – Bath & Tiles Business, Hindware Limited, said, “In our continuous endeavour to redefine bathroom solutions and contribute to a sustainable future, we have introduced Hindware Aqua Pro Water Saving Nozzles. This is a testament to our commitment, offering a revolutionary solution to the looming water crisis. Through our partnership with cricket’s most celebrated stars, we aim to amplify the message of water conservation and inspire widespread adoption of eco-friendly solutions and practices.”

Arunima Yadav, VP & Head of Marketing-Bath & Tiles Business, Hindware Limited, commented, “As a brand we are committed to bringing innovative solutions to our consumers and communicate them in an interesting manner. Our latest ad campaign draws the parallel between technology used in cricket with technology used in Aqua Pro Water saving nozzles and how one saves the day for our cricket players while the latter will help to save our tomorrow by saving water. Our partnership with Royal Challengers Bengaluru team adds a powerful endorsement to our commitment to inspire the young generation to join us in preserving our most precious resource – water.”

Ram Cobain, Chief Creative Officer, Mullen Lintas, said, “Cricket uses a lot of technology to save its players from getting out. But what’s bigger than a wicket saved? Water. We partnered with RCB team to show how a simple nozzle can save up to 98% of the most precious liquid on Planet Earth. The Aqua Pro 98 water saving nozzle is not only a game-changer; it is a true team player. It’s from Hindware but it works perfectly with most common taps as well.”

The TVC campaign will be featured on major networks and online platforms all throughout the nation.

Mullen Lintas is a creative agency of the MullenLowe Lintas Group. With Lintas’ heritage and MullenLowe Group’s globally acknowledged operational style, Mullen Lintas is rapidly battling the country’s best advertising firms with its increasing client base.

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