Redcliffe Labs appoint Gautam Gambhir as brand ambassador

Over 3500 tests have been provided by Redcliffe Labs across its wide network of labs and collection centres.

The former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir has been appointed as the national brand ambassador by Redcliffe Labs. With this collaboration, the brand aims to encourage the right and access to health amongst the Indians.

While speaking about the association, Dheeraj Jain, founder, Redcliffe Labs, said, “He has a unique ability to connect to the whole nation to promote the importance of maintaining good health and thus undertaking regular health check-ups. We are delivering on this mission by doing home sample collection from our collection centers, online consultation, building labs across India that are digital-first. With Gautam as part of the team, we intend to educate people about the benefits of getting regular health checkups and how such check-ups cover almost a hundred tests that can help prevent fatal diseases if diagnosed in time.”

Gautam Gambhir stated, “The 2nd wave of the pandemic has been eye opener and now it is time to change completely towards preventive health. Redcliffe’s core focus is to build on this and provide routine health test packages to all fellow Indians no matter what. They are building robust technology and lab networks to touch everyone at the grassroot level. Their next generation tech platform both towards core testing and healthcare servicing of this scale is soon to become the market leader. Redcliffe Labs is set to make real disruption and I am with them to reach every possible pin code of Bharat and give real access to healthcare and diagnostics.”

Over 3500 tests have been provided by Redcliffe Labs across its wide network of labs and collection centres. About a million Indians have been benefitted from Redcliffe, the brand has been preparing more than 100,000 test parameters on a daily basis to cover 100 million Indians within the next 12 months. The test portfolio includes advanced genetic screening, research-based DNA tests in reproductive health, routine pathology tests, cancer and fitness/wellness. The easily accessible reports by Redcliffe Labs provide health check-points that is utilised in treating any casual and fatal diseases on time.

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