Red Bull Racing strikes partnership with Arctic Wolf

The system and network activity will be safely monitored, which will lower the risk of exposure to computer systems.

The Formula 1 team, Red Bull Racing Honda has announced a new partnership with the leading cybersecurity company, Arctic Wolf. The firm based in the US is set to become the team’s official cybersecurity partner. Arctic Wolf’s category-defining cybersecurity products will be implemented across the team’s current technology and security structure.

Arctic Wolf is the leading entity in global security operations that offers the first cloud-native security operations platform to remove the cyber risk. The company will help to make sure that the mission-critical data and operations that are crucial for achieving success on and off the track are protected.

Throughout the year, the system and network activity will be safely monitored, which will lower the risk of exposure to computer systems at the Factory, Wind Tunnel, Track, and everywhere in between.

Christian Horner, CEO and Team Principal, Red Bull Racing Honda, said, “Modern Formula 1 is driven by data almost as much as it is by the incredible athletes behind the wheel.

 “With vast amounts of information being generated in the creation of Red Bull Racing Honda’s cars and being sent from the track to the factory, every day protecting the competitive edge we work so hard to achieve is crucially important. Our partnership with Arctic Wolf will further enhance our cybersecurity operations and keep our data safe.”

Nick Schneider, President and Chief Executive Officer, Arctic Wolf, commented, “Few businesses are as high-octane as Red Bull Racing Honda, and the racing team personifies the excitement and velocity of its global powerhouse brand.”

He added, “Formula 1 racing is an amazingly complex operation, much like cybersecurity, and every element of these operations needs to be fine-tuned and integrated for peak performance. We are confident that Arctic Wolf and our operational approach to cybersecurity is best-positioned to protect this energising brand.”

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