Nottingham Forest join forces with UK for UNHCR

The UK for UNHCR has been named the international charity partner by the club.

The Premier League side, Nottingham Forest have announced a new association with the UN Refugee Agency, the UK for UNHCR.

In this development, the UK for UNHCR has been named the international charity partner by the club and the logo will be featured on the front of the team’s men’s and women’s jerseys from the start of 2023.

Nottingham Forest also made a financial contribution to support international relief efforts and will be utilising all its marketing assets to enhance awareness of UNHCR’s humanitarian work. The English top-flight club has always been keen on supporting charitable causes, as it has been a major component of the Nottingham Forest Trust’s work.

Commenting on the new partnership, Nottingham Forest’s owner, Evangelos Marinakis, said, “We are delighted that for the remainder of the season we will use the front of the famous Nottingham Forest shirt to tell such an important story. It will be an honour to display their name on our shirt in support of this important cause.

“I am proud to have partnered with the United Nations’ global work before, with Olympiacos FC back in 2013. We supported UNICEF for four years, choosing to make a significant financial contribution to their charitable work rather than taking income from a sponsor, and giving their cause prominence on the front, and then the back, of the Olympiacos shirt.

“I hope fans of Nottingham Forest will also be proud that we have chosen to highlight the work of UNHCR for the remainder of the season, in addition to the local causes our Community Trust supports. This comes at a time when the world faces enormous challenges in helping the most vulnerable people in society.”

Nottingham Forest Chairman, Nicholas Randall KC, added, “We are proud of our track record of using the power of Nottingham Forest and football as a force for good in our local community. Our ascension to the Premier League in the summer now offers us an invaluable opportunity to extend that on an international scale.

“We are therefore delighted to give UK for UNHCR the platform to raise awareness of its relief efforts for refugees on the front of our shirt. This feels even more pertinent than ever right now, with more than 100 million people currently displaced globally, almost half of them children, and such visibility on our shirt and channels will ensure this vital cause is seen by millions around the world every week.”

Charlotte Boyle, Chair of UK for UNHCR added, “From fighting racism and homophobia, to standing with refugees, football clubs around the world are using their power to confront discrimination and support people in need. We are hugely grateful to Nottingham Forest’s generosity and compassion in supporting refugees and UNHCR’s relief efforts around the world.

“Through this solidarity, Nottingham Forest is sending a powerful message to families fleeing conflict that they will not be forgotten.”

The logo of the UK for UNHCR will be featured on the team’s jersey for the first time in the club’s opening home game of the year against Chelsea on Sunday, January 1.

Nottingham Forest have also joined FC Barcelona to become an official supporter of refugees through UNHCR’s relief efforts. 

On the field, at the moment, Nottingham Forest have acquired the 18th spot with 13 points to their name.

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