LALIGA forges multi-year regional partnership with Exness

Exness will leverage LALIGA's reach to activate throughout Latin America, expanding the broker's reach among the region's football enthusiasts.

The Spanish top flight, LALIGA has announced a multi-year partnership with the trading broker, Exness.

Exness has been named the league’s regional partner in Latin America as part of the deal.

Under the terms of the agreement, which spans two seasons (2023–2024 and 2024–2025), Exness will leverage LALIGA’s reach to activate throughout Latin America, expanding the broker’s reach among the region’s football enthusiasts.

The LALIGA teams and the current and former players will work together to engage with Exness in some of the most competitive football markets in the world.

Alfonso Cardalda, Exness Chief Marketing Officer, said, “We are beyond excited to connect with Latin Americans through our shared passion for football. By joining forces with LALIGA, we tap into the heart of the region where football isn’t just a sport but a way of life.”

Jorge de la Vega, Executive Director of LALIGA, commented, “We are convinced that this agreement will allow us to strengthen our relationship with our fans and with our new partner, Exness. Together, we will be able to reach new levels of success.”

Due to its widespread use of Spanish in its presentations and the lengthy tradition of Latin American athletes participating in the league, the competition is well-known throughout Latin America.

Exness employs a novel combination of technology and ethics to establish a profitable market for traders and enhance the industry standard. Its ethos and goal focus on providing its clients with a frictionless trading experience.

The league already has a number of well-known international partners, such as Microsoft, San Miguel, BKT Tires and much more.

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