San Miguel joins LaLiga as a five-year international beer partner

The most recent pact between Mahou San Miguel and LaLiga broadens the scope of the partnership to include overseas licenses.

Mahou San Miguel and LaLiga have agreed to a five-year sponsorship agreement, making the Spanish brewer an international beer partner.

Mahou San Miguel hopes to strengthen its various partnerships with 15 different Spanish football associations with this partnership and also benefit from LaLiga’s global presence. Mahou, San Miguel, Alhambra, and Founders are just a few of the brands that are covered in this agreement.

CEO of Mahou San Miguel, Alberto Rodriguez-Toquero, remarked, “This agreement is much more than a sponsorship. It’s a reflection of our historic ties to football and of our company purpose: to create moments of unity and connection that improve people’s lives.

“Having LaLiga as our traveling companion will enable us to strengthen our ties to fans and to offer them content and unique experiences around football in Spain and outside of it.”

LaLiga has worked with Mahou San Miguel for more than ten years, but the most recent pact broadens the scope of the partnership to include overseas licenses.

LaLiga’s President, Javier Tebas, said, “At LaLiga we understand that this partnership with Mahou San Miguel represents the natural evolution of the relationship we have been building for ten years.

“We are both leaders and inspiring brands, and we have common values. We are convinced that we are going to achieve new visibility in Spain and internationally with this partnership”.

LaLiga also has Puma, EA Sports, Livescore, BKT, Sorare, TVM,, and Dapper Labs as ‘International Affiliates’.

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