Formula 1 partners with Digital Catapult to explore 5G at motorsport events

Formula 1 will assess new and latest technologies and explore fan engagement strategies.

The Formula 1 global series has inked a collaboration with the non-profit digital technology organization Digital Catapult to explore the use of 5G at motorsport events.

The agreement will include Formula 1 to collaborate with Digital Catapult, 5PRING which is the UK’s first 5G commercial application accelerator, and a group of small businesses to use the digital network to improve event experiences for fans. This also consists of making the viewing experience more communicating for fans both at home as well.

Formula 1 will assess new and latest technologies and explore fan engagement strategies with startups in collaboration with Digital Catapult and 5PRING.

Pete Samara, director of strategic technical ventures at Formula 1, said, “Formula 1 is excited to work with 5PRING to explore exciting new ways of providing fans great experiences using 5G.

He added, “Formula 1 is thrilled to be exploring with the start-ups and scaleups focused in this area, knowing that 5G is a technology that will transform and hugely impact event experiences globally.”

Jeremy Silver, chief executive officer of Digital Catapult, commented, “The 5PRING programme is firing on all cylinders to unlock 5G’s potential – and now industry heavyweights from the events industry are turning their attention to how advanced technologies can take their events to the next level.

“It’s brilliant to welcome Formula 1 on board to explore how 5G can help to elevate the experiences of auto racing fans and unlock new commercial opportunities for their stakeholders.

“Bringing together the repute and expertise of Formula One with the entrepreneurialism of the start-up community will result in powerful collaborations, that can stimulate exciting new solutions for the events sector.”

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