Eveready reveals ad campaign featuring Neeraj Chopra

Eveready's ad campaign featuring Neeraj Chopra emphasises the importance of dependable power sources and children's respect for their heroes, who never 'die'.

Eveready Industries India (EIIL), a battery manufacturing company, has unveiled an advertisement campaign for its Ultima Alkaline Battery ‘Khelenge to Sikhenge’ featuring its new brand ambassador, Neeraj Chopra.

The TV commercial, developed by Ogilvy, portrays a child playing with a battery-operated toy named “Javelin Man,” which represents India’s reigning Olympic gold medalist. In the ad, Neeraj is seen rescuing the planet through nonstop javelin throws. However, once the toy’s standard battery expires, the kid’s imaginative story is cut short until the real Neeraj Chopra intervenes, with the Eveready Ultima battery urging kids to continue playing.

This story emphasises the importance of reliable power sources, as well as children’s admiration for their idols, which never ‘die’. Neeraj and Ultima embody the values of performance, power, endurance, and dependability, establishing a new standard of excellence in the industry.

Anirban Banerjee, Senior Vice President and SBU Head, Batteries & Flashlights at Eveready Industries India Ltd., said, “Eveready, the iconic leader in the battery and flashlight industry, and Neeraj Chopra, the reigning Asian Olympics champion; Our collaboration is a convergence of two champions, both driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. Just as Neeraj powers his epic javelin throws non-stop, Eveready’s Ultima Alkaline range of batteries with 400% longer-lasting energy, powers high drain devices nationwide, including children’s toys, strengthening their imaginative journeys.

Also, our latest high-energy film, blending animation and live-action, introduces a unique portrayal of Neeraj as ‘Javelin Man,’ marking a unique step in our brand ambassador’s portrayal.”

Sukesh Nayak, CCO, Ogilvy India, commented, “As storytellers, we always look for opportunities to craft narratives that help inspire the youth. Eveready’s philosophy of ‘Khelenge toh Sikhenge’ allows us to do that. In this latest TVC for the longer-lasting Ultima batteries, we’ve showcased the power of children’s imagination and how non-stop imaginative play should always be encouraged. A true champ like Neeraj Chopra, seen in a unique avatar as brand ambassador, helps us deliver the message in a memorable way.”

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