Digit Insurance unveils ad campaign featuring Virat Kohli

The advertisement drive by Digit Insurance has been launched under the title "Drive Less, Pay Less" where Virat Kohli is seen in a bobblehead form.

The Indian general insurance entity, Digit Insurance has launched a brand-new advertisement campaign featuring the Indian cricket superstar, Virat Kohli.

The advertisement drive has been launched under the name “Drive Less, Pay Less” where the 34-year-old former Indian captain is seen in a bobblehead form and dancing to the “Do the Digit-Digit” anthem. The campaign conveys the message to its customers that they will pay less car insurance premiums if they drive less. 

Talking about this newly launched campaign, Tanya Marwah, Head – Marketing and Corporate Communications, Digit General Insurance, said, “The discount offered under PAYD add-on is relevant to rather a large part of the Indian population, especially as many people living in cities don’t drive excessively and use the public transport or cab services despite having cars at home. But since people hardly track their daily commute or look at their odometers regularly, they don’t realize how less they drive in a year”

She further stated, “These add-ons are for such people, who honestly shouldn’t be paying as high as people who drive a lot. And at Digit, we have made sure that the process to get this discount is super simple as it is not based on future driving behaviour, or telematics or app to track the driving, but just the average kilometres driven per year since you had the car, which can easily be seen in the odometer reading.”

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