Virat Kohli’s Team Blue Rising partner with Princeton Electric Speedboating for inaugural UIM E1 World Championship season

Princeton Electric Speedboating has been announced as the official engineering partner of Team Blue Rising.

The UIM E1 World Championship unit, Team Blue Rising, owned by Indian cricketing legend Virat Kohli and sports tech entrepreneur, Adi K Mishra, has announced a partnership with Princeton University’s student-led engineering team, Princeton Electric Speedboating.

In this partnership, Princeton Electric Speedboating has been announced as the official engineering partner of Team Blue Rising for the inaugural UIM E1 World Championship, which also has teams that are owned by the likes of Rafael Nadal, Tom Brady, Checo Perez, Didier Drogba, and Steve Aoki. In addition, Black Sheep Racing has joined them in this strategic relationship, further enhancing the team’s engineering and innovation skills.

The collaboration between Princeton Electric Speedboating, a company known for its mission-driven ethos and dedication to developing young, enthusiastic engineering talent, and Black Sheep Racing represents a significant step ahead in the team’s commitment to sustainable development and innovation in the sports world.

In addition to his exceptional sportsmanship, Virat Kohli, co-owner of Team Blue Rising, adds a strong dedication to sustainability in sports.

Adi K Mishra, Co-Owner, Team Blue Rising and Founder of League Sports Co., said, “Our partnership with Princeton Electric Speedboating is a decisive step towards reinforcing our commitment to innovation and sustainable sports practices. Their achievements in electric boating align seamlessly with our vision for the E1 World Championship and sends a strong message that we are here to win while focussing on core ethos of sustainability and opportunity for all.

“Virat is one of the best athletes of our generation, deeply passionate about sustainability and women empowerment. His eagerness to use his platform for promoting these causes resonated with our team’s values. It’s inspiring how he’s been actively empowering women in sports and championing sustainability in cricket and beyond.”

Andrew Robbins, President of Princeton Electric Speedboating, said, “PES is excited to partner with Team Blue Rising for the inaugural UIM E1 World Championship. It’s a great opportunity to be on the advent of a new form of racing, spurred on by some of the greatest electric technology that exists in the modern world today. By utilising the knowledge and technology gained in our world record development we are ready to help put Team Blue Rising on the top of the podium.”

In keeping with its mission of innovation and sustainability, Team Blue Rising is also extending an invitation to institutions in the UAE and India to work together on a range of STEM research projects. By fusing cutting-edge research with real-world sporting applications, this initiative seeks to develop the next wave of talent in sustainable engineering and technology.

As Team Blue Rising gets ready for the UIM E1 World Championship’s debut season, this partnership announcement—with Princeton Electric Speedboating—is the first of many noteworthy partnerships. With a common goal of superiority, creativity, and sustainability in sports, Team Blue Rising, Princeton Electric Speedboating, and Black Sheep Racing are poised to raise the bar in electric raceboating when the tournament gets underway in February 2024.

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