UEFA stops inquiry over Manuel Neuer’s rainbow armband

UEFA has decided to stop the investigation against Germany’s captain and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer over the rainbow-coloured armband which the player wore in the group stage clash against France and Portugal.

Neuer showcased his support towards the LGBTQ community during the ‘Pride Month’ but Europe’s governing body of football UEFA thought of this as a political move by the 35-year-old Bayern Munich goalkeeper.

The German Football Association (DFB) has confirmed that UEFA has dropped the investigation and tweeted, “UEFA have today shared with the DFB that they have stopped the review of the rainbow captain’s armband worn by Manuel Neuer. In a letter, the armband has been assessed as a team symbol for diversity and thus for a good cause.”

This was declared a political move and before the tournament UEFA clearly stated that no team is allowed to make any political demonstration at the tournament.

UEFA is also having a discussion to give more Euro 2020 matches to Budapest as the legislation there bans content related to homosexuality and gender change and players like Pernille Harder has stepped up against this move. Harder is also one of the few players who has been vocal about this incident as Hungary’s government has imposed a new anti LGBT+ legislation and the country has been facing criticism from other nations as well.

The Allianz Arena in Munich which is set to host Germany’s last group stage game against Hungary plans to light the stadium in rainbow colours to show their support to the community and to stand with their captain.

Meanwhile, the UEFA semi-finals could be moved to Budapest, Hungary from London’s Wembley Stadium if COVID-18 restrictions in the UK are not lifted.

Germany were on a roll against Portugal as they defeated the champions 4-2 and would be hoping to repeat the same against Hungary on 23rd June.

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