SuperSport secures exclusive rights for World Table Tennis Championships Finals and the WTT Series

The partnership with SuperSport will run until December 2024.

The South African pay-television broadcaster, SuperSport has acquired exclusive rights for the World Table Tennis Championships and the WTT Series across sub-Saharan African regions.

The partnership with the South African broadcaster will run until December 2024. The deal has been signed ahead of the World Championships Final in Durban, South Africa, which is scheduled for May 20 – 28.

World Table Tennis (WTT) and SuperSport, the commercial arm of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), have reached an agreement where the rights were purchased on a non-exclusive basis in Chad, Djibouti, Mauritania, Somalia, Socotra, Sudan, and South Sudan.

The deal also includes the coverage of the WTT Series, WTT Contender, WTT Star Contender, and Grand Smash events, as well as WTT Champions tournaments, and last but not least, WTT Finals. 

Matt Pound, Managing Director at WTT, said, “This partnership is an important step towards growing the sport of table tennis in Africa and bringing it to a wider audience”.

He further commented, “The timing is even more crucial that South Africa will host the World Championships next month. We believe that our collaboration with SuperSport will help to increase the appeal and popularity of the sport in the region, and we are excited to work together to achieve this goal.”

Currently headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, SuperSport is a South African-based group of television channels that provides extensive coverage and content of all the sporting events and programs globally in South Africa, Nigeria, and many other African nations. 

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