St. Louis Cardinals strike seven-year sponsorship contract with Stifel 

Following this deal, Stifel will serve as St. Louis Cardinals’ first-ever official jersey patch partner.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) team, St. Louis Cardinals have announced a new sponsorship agreement with the St. Louis-based financial institution, Stifel.

Following this deal, the brand will serve as the club’s first-ever official jersey patch partner. As part of the new seven-year arrangement, Stifel’s emblem will be featured on the jersey sleeve of each of the Cardinals’ four different on-field game outfits beginning this season.

The Stifel-branded patch will be worn on the left sleeve of right-handed batters, the right sleeve of left-handed batters, the glove-side sleeve of pitchers, and the right sleeve of the manager and coaches.

St. Louis Cardinals President Bill DeWitt III, said, “We are proud to partner with Stifel in unveiling our first jersey patch sponsor. We worked closely with Ron Kruszewski and his team at Stifel on the patch design to make sure it fit tastefully on our iconic uniform, and they even agreed to slightly modify their word mark to fit the red and blue color combination that we use for our classic ‘Birds on the Bat’ logo. Both Ron and I are confident that this design strikes the perfect balance between preserving the integrity of our uniform while providing great exposure for Stifel.”

Stifel Financial Corporation is a financial services holding corporation headquartered in St. Louis that operates via many fully owned subsidiaries in the US and other regions of the world. Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated, the company’s major subsidiary, was founded in 1890 and is one of the nation’s top full-service wealth management and investment banking institutions, servicing individual investors, professional money managers, businesses, and municipalities throughout the United States.

Stifel Chairman and CEO Ron Kruszewski, commented, “We at Stifel are thrilled to announce our partnership with the St. Louis Cardinals. Both Stifel and the Cardinals have called St. Louis their home for over 130 years, sharing a vibrant hometown spirit and as well as a long legacy of success. We are delighted that baseball fans across the country will see our logo tastefully integrated into the Cardinals’ iconic uniform, and we look forward to years of both institutions building on our historic reputations for success.”

The new sponsorship between the two organisations will involve a number of additional promotional, hospitality, and signage features at Busch Stadium.

MLB is believed to enable teams to sell sponsor logo space on uniforms as part of the most recent collective bargaining agreement. A limited number of Stifel-branded Cardinals home white original Nike jerseys are also accessible to buy at the Cardinals’ official team store at the Busch Stadium.

Stifel also serves as the official jersey sponsor of St. Louis Blues, who made their debut in 2022-23.

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