OxeFit onboards Harry Kane as an investor and brand ambassador

Harry Kane, known for his fitness dedication and great fan appeal, is an ideal fit for OxeFit, which is committed to providing a variety of workout approaches.

The fitness AI and robotics company, OxeFit has announced that the English professional footballer and star Tottenham Hotspur player, Harry Kane has joined the company as an investor and brand ambassador.

Harry Kane, known for his spectacular goals, fitness dedication, and great fan appeal, is an ideal fit for OxeFit, which is committed to providing a variety of workout approaches.

OxeFit’s fundamental technology combines automation, movement and performance tracking, enhanced coaching, and statistics to assist individuals and teams become more fit. The brand’s system will provide possibilities for consumers, athletes, military personnel, and clinical rehab marketplaces to interact, work together, and ultimately transform their health, while its extensive content will grow beyond strength training into the lifestyle and educational programmes covering nutrition, health, mindfulness, and general well-being topics.

OxeFit is the starting point for transforming fitness and changing life. The firm tries to make strength training approachable to everyone, from newcomers to elite athletes, and to integrate physical and mental well-being into daily life.

Speaking about the development, Kane commented, “I’ve always been focused on being the best player I can be, and that means making solid gains in other aspects of my life beyond the pitch. For me, nutrition and fitness are two areas that don’t have a one-size-fits-all playbook, and this is something OxeFit understands. What impressed me most about OxeFit is not only the science behind the physical products but the combination of robotics and content working together to deliver a truly customised training experience. This is why I invested and why I will serve as an ambassador for the brand. It’s truly one-of-a-kind.“

Rab Shanableh, CEO, OxeFit, said, “We’re thrilled to have Harry Kane join the OxeFit investor team as we continue to develop our fitness ecosystem with the most advanced science and technology. In addition to our many other pro-athlete investors, Mr. Kane using the OxeFit smart gym and online content as part of his Premier League football training further validates OxeFit’s smart technology and the unique versatility of our customised training capabilities.“

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