Oakley releases new campaign ‘Be Who You Are’ featuring Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma has been associated with Oakley for the past three years now.

The global leader in sports performance eyewear, Oakley has unveiled a new campaign ‘Be Who You Are’ starring the Indian cricket team captain, Rohit Sharma.

Rohit Sharma has been associated with Oakley for the past three years now. The right-handed batter stars in an encouraging campaign that celebrates self-expression and encourages individuals to recognize and trust themselves.

The new ‘Be Who You Are’ initiative is a short story about the opener’s journey that emphasises his unique attitude and spirit. The film focuses on a single juncture in Rohit’s life when he is observed looking back on his life from a vantage point. Every occurrence and obstacle that has prompted the Hitman to his current position of glory has been covered in this. All this is shown in order to convey the message to the community of empowering their own personal journey.

Sahil Jandial, Brand Business Manager, Oakley India, said, “We are elated to be strengthening our partnership with Rohit Sharma to bring to life the next chapter of our iconic ‘Be Who You Are’ campaign. Through this campaign, we want to inspire people to live out their dreams and passions by celebrating their personal journeys. Oakley as a brand has always forged ahead in its endeavour to bring communities and people together and with this new chapter we wanted to create a universal message that inspires everyone to truly be who they are.”

Talking about the campaign, Rohit Sharma, commented, “I believe that faith in oneself and trust in one’s abilities can enable an individual to achieve what they strive for. I have been fortunate to be living my dream because I decided to pursue my passion with self-belief and motivation. I am pleased to partner with Oakley which as a brand shares the same ideology as mine to push boundaries of performance. Together, we look forward to inspiring people to overcome their hurdles and achieve greatness.’’

Rohit Sharma has worn Oakley sunglasses both on and off the field. He appears in the recent project wearing new designs such as Encoder, Radar EV Path, CMDN, and Leffingwell.

The creative firm that made this new campaign is Brandmovers India. The integrated marketing campaign will be accessible throughout the nation via different mediums.

Adrijaa Sanyal, Senior Creative Director at Brandmovers India, said, “Rohit has one of the most interesting and inspiring stories in the history of Indian cricket and we wanted to highlight his experience in our communication piece. The idea was to convey the brand’s ideologies through his story and because Rohit is such a strong representation of the brand’s core message of ‘Be Who You Are’, it worked out brilliantly for us.”

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