Mohite Group acquires Kolhapur-based team ahead of inaugural CEAT ISRL season

With the addition of Team Mohite Racing, CEAT ISRL makes a major advancement in raising the bar for motorsport in the nation.

The world’s first franchise-based supercross league, the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) has revealed the addition of Team Mohite Racing, a team led by Abhishek Mohite, a fervent motorsports enthusiast.

With this latest addition, the league makes a major advancement in raising the bar for motorsport in the nation. The unit will be operating out of Kolhapur.

With a rich history stretching several decades, Mohite Group is a trailblazing entity in the construction sector, which includes building, mining, earthworks, and dam construction, as well as further diversifying into the textile, automotive, educational, hydropower, and energy sectors.

The company not only constructs buildings but also proudly manages Mohite’s Racing Academy, home to India’s largest go-karting track since 2006. The company’s dedication to youth development, community involvement, and cultivating an excellence-focused culture outside of the boardroom is reflected in this project.

The vibrant and multidimensional Mohite Group combines construction expertise with a dedication to energy sustainability, sports, and a forward-thinking outlook.

Abhishek Mohite, Team Mohite Racing, commented, “Joining the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League with Team Mohite Racing is an incredible achievement and a true milestone for me. I am extremely excited to be part of this innovative approach to motorsports, which aligns perfectly with my passion for racing. Through this partnership, we are committed to inspiring and nurturing young talent in the field and develop Indian motorsport landscape.”

Veer Patel, Director & Co-Founder at Supercross India Pvt Ltd., said, “We are incredibly proud to welcome such a talented team to our league. Their knowledge and dedication to motorsport perfectly align with our mission to revolutionise the motorsports scene in India. Our goal is to provide the best entertainment and quality in motorsports for fans nationwide, and together, we will make this a reality.”

With Team Mohite Racing joining the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League, five teams have been announced thus far. The most recent announcement includes CS Santosh, N Gautam, and Uday Shankar acquiring rights for the BigRock Motorsport franchise. With a season full of thrilling experiences for both spectators and competitors, the league is poised to increase the bar for motorsport in India.

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