Miami Marlins team up with TicketRev to enhance ticket buying experience

Miami Marlins and TicketRev have woven a first-of-a-kind partnership to provide multiple ways for fans to buy match tickets.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) team, Miami Marlins have signed the dotted lines with the American online tickets booking platform, TicketRev.

Both entities have woven a first-of-a-kind partnership to provide multiple ways for fans to buy match tickets.

Before the announcement, TicketRev’s new product offering went live, enabling US professional sports teams or organisations to let fans select their preferred ticket price.

The Marlins and TicketRev’s agreement will streamline and improve the ticket-buying process, providing fans with “unparalleled flexibility and convenience” and newfound fan data that will allow for a deeper understanding of ticketing and fan experiences.

Christian Lowe, Vice President of Analytics & Strategy of the Miami Marlins, said, “The implementation of TicketRev’s trendsetting technology is about developing a deeper connection with our fans. TicketRev’s platform provides our fans with the innovative ticketing experience that empowers them to make their pitch for their preferred price. This collaboration is a game-changer and sets the stage for unforgettable fan experiences and new opportunities to make Marlins Baseball more engaging than ever.”

Jason Shatsky, TicketRev Co-Founder & CEO, stated, “Born in South Florida, TicketRev is on a mission to democratise live event ticketing by ensuring that fans and teams benefit from data-driven decisions. Partnering with the Miami Marlins allows us to transform our local insights into exceptional experiences. We’re not just selling tickets; we’re changing the way fans experience live events.”

TicketRev is the first customer-driven marketplace and technology platform for live event tickets. The company was started in 2021, and it is currently headquartered in Miami, Florida.

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