Loco to continue streaming NBA 2K League

Loco will begin broadcasting all games on April 21, 2022.

The media rights to stream the NBA 2K League in India have been retained by Loco, a live game streaming and esports platform. The multi-year collaboration, which began in 2020, will continue to raise awareness of the NBA 2K League in India and foster the formation of a robust community that shall aim at inspiring future generations of basketball players from India. The relationship with the NBA 2K League demonstrates Loco’s intention to bring world-class e-sports entertainment to India’s rapidly developing e-sports and gaming ecosystem, which includes over 400 million gamers.

Loco will begin broadcasting all games on April 21, 2022, and will continue to assist in the marketing of the league in India in 2022 and subsequent seasons. The NBA 2K League will pay $2.5 million in cash prizes throughout THE BANNER CHAIN sponsored by AT&T and Coinbase NBA2KL 3v3 BLACKTOP SERIES tournaments to celebrate its fifth anniversary, with the majority going to the 5v5 NBA2KL Finals champions. The $2.5 million prize fund is the greatest in the league’s history and represents a 65 per cent increase over the previous season. Top performers from the 2022 season who are named winners of five NBA 2K League Awards will get extra money for the first time.

“As a league with teams, fans and players from around the globe, for the second full year, we’re excited to continue our partnership with Loco and provide the passionate fans in India the opportunity to watch the best 2K players in the world battle it out in 5v5 and, for the first time in 2022, 3v3 competitions,” said Brendan Donohue, President, NBA 2K League when asked about their partnership with Loco.

Loco’s founders, Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh, spoke about the partnership, “The NBA 2KL has received incredible viewership on Loco over the past 2 years and we are happy to be extending the association for future seasons. We expect to see the Indian 2KL community grow multifold, further fueled by Loco’s own growth. Our focus will be to work with the NBA 2K League team to offer Indian fans the highest quality of entertainment and increase brand affinity for this category of esports.”

Loco already has some of India’s best competitive gamers on staff, providing the best gaming entertainment to the public and with the partnership, both the parties are bound to get massive exposure.

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