Jason Day signs the dotted line with Malbon Golf

Day will be the first player on the PGA Tour to be sponsored by Malbon Golf since the company's founding in 2017.

The Australian professional golfer, Jason Day has developed an apparel sponsorship agreement with a lifestyle brand inspired by the game of golf, Malbon Golf.

Ahead of the 2024 PGA Tour season, Jason Day is the most recent player to change apparel sponsorships. This year, the Australian is going to make waves as Malbon Golf, a lifestyle brand renowned for its retro look and streetwear-inspired designs, will be dressing him. Day will be the first player on the PGA Tour to be sponsored by Malbon Golf since the company’s founding in 2017.

Stephen Malbon, who co-founded the business with his wife Erica, claims that they got to know each other on Tour through a mutual friend who is still sponsored by Tony Finau, Day’s former clothing firm. The businessman learned that Day was close to becoming a “free agent” in the clothing industry when researching Finau’s goals for 2024.

From that point on, Day and Malbon’s collaboration was easily finalised. Malbon felt that Day’s demeanour would be a wonderful fit for the Malbon brand after being impressed with his on-and-off-course manner.

Malbon, said, “What I like most about Jason is his vulnerability and his openness with real-life normal stuff. He’s eager to put himself out there and be who he is respectfully, but at the same time, he’s not very scripted. I love it. It’s so relatable and awesome.

“Jason is texting me from Hawaii right now and just saying, ‘Dude, everyone looks the exact same. I’ve never understood why if you play golf, you have to wear golf pants. What about slacks? Jason is very into comfort and trying new things. He’s into wearing resort linens, not just synthetic, polyester, dry-fit-type workout clothes.”

As the apparel firm has developed over the years, a single trend has continued to exist: the brand strives to push the boundaries of what is considered typical golf attire. The company’s wares include hoodies, baggy slacks, linen shirts, and kilties on golf shoes.

Day, according to Malbon, is on the same mission as Malbon in terms of changing golf’s mindset towards how one is supposed to appear on the course. The founder wants to encourage golfers to express themselves through their clothing and to seek comfort and originality rather than uniformity.

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