Jacksonville Jaguars strike alliance with Ebury

Following the partnership, Ebury will become the ideal option for Jacksonville Jaguars' UK FX transactions.

The National Football League (NFL) side, Jacksonville Jaguars have announced a partnership with the UK-based financial technology company, Ebury.

Following the partnership, Ebury will become the ideal option for the Cardiac Jags UK FX transactions.

The agreement coincides with the Jaguars’ impending NFL games in the United Kingdom, where Ebury is based, in October, when they will face the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium, followed by a second match against the Buffalo Bills at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

Maria Gigante, Vice President of International Operations at The Jacksonville Jaguars, said, “I am delighted to be partnering with Ebury as we head towards our tenth game in London at Wembley Stadium, and another first in the history of the NFL’s International games, by playing a road game the following week at Tottenham’s stadium. 

She further stated, “With its extensive transatlantic FX knowledge, we know that Ebury’s experience and guidance will be a huge asset to the Jaguars in the UK and we can’t wait to celebrate our tenth game milestone with them.”

Phil Monkhouse, UK Country Manager at Ebury, expressed, “This partnership re-asserts Ebury’s commitment to supporting the best in global talent, demonstrating our dedication to building bridges across the international sporting community.”

Ebury is a developing financial services firm with operations in London, Madrid, and Amsterdam. It has about 3,000 mid-sized business clients and the Financial Conduct Authority regulates it. The company is intended to help small and medium-sized firms that desire to deal on a global scale. Small and mid-sized businesses can use Ebury’s integrated financial services and technology to make and receive payments in foreign currencies, benefit from better exchange rates, use emerging-market currencies, hedge currency risk, benefit from liquidity, and easily finance transactions in more than 100 currencies through a managed service.

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