IPL 2021: E-commerce is biggest advertiser this season

As per the reports of TAM India, an organization that measures the Science of Media Measurement in TV Audience Research in India, IPL 2021 has witnessed the E-commerce as the leading advertiser. According to the reports, the TAM Sports-IPL 14 advertising report, for the first five matches, Smartphone, Ecom-gaming and Education were among the top three categories of advertising in the first five matches.

The top two categories of the top five list were from the ‘E-commerce’ sector with more than 15% share of advertising volumes in IPL 14.  The top five categories together had a 35% share of ad volumes in the current season of the tournament. Meanwhile, 20 % share of these Advertisement Volumes of the top five was through IPL 2021. However, the number of advertisers and brands declined by 14% and 10% respectively.

In the first five matches of IPL 2021, 24 new categories along with 86 new brands made their presence through the tournament. Among these new categories, the list was topped by Securities followed by Fans, while among the 86 new brands, JdMart topped the list followed by UPStox. was the top exclusive brand on Hindi+English language sports channels,  while 7 Up was the lead exclusive for regional sports channels. The report also states that a total of 84 brands advertised on sports channels during the first 5 matches of IPL 14. “” was on top among the common brands.

Dinesh Singh Rathore, CEO, Madison Omega commented that the nature of these categories has helped them flourish and make revenue. “These categories are least affected by the pandemic. Even today when lockdown started, the government has allowed e-commerce services. For categories like e-commerce or gaming, their business has been normal. Also not just cricket, otherwise also, these categories were active in advertising”. 

Vice President of Elara Capita Karan Taurani further backed this statement saying that Digital spaces like Ecommerce, Edu-tech, Fin-tech, and Gaming and FMCG’s have been two major drivers for TV advertising. He also said that they will stand out as their presence is further going to increase given the current situation of lockdown. Categories like Retail, Alcohol Beverages, and Auto are the ones that are most likely to get impacted.

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