Iodex partners up with Rishabh Pant for its new product

As per the deal, Rishabh Pant has been featured in Iodex's new campaign film, “Ab Dard Se Din Bhar Aaram”, which is showcasing Iodex UltraGel+.

The pain relief medication brand, Iodex has announced the star Indian wicketkeeper batter, Rishabh Pant as the brand ambassador for its newly launched, Iodex UltraGel+.

As per the deal, the 26-year-old cricketer has been featured in Iodex’s new campaign film, “Ab Dard Se Din Bhar Aaram”, which is showcasing its new product.

In the brand’s new ad campaign, Pant toils hard to make his comeback on the cricket pitch, and counts on Iodex UltraGel+, which will help him recover fast from the pain he is having. 

According to the entity, this partnership not only highlights the product’s ability to assist people to follow their aspirations without being hindered by pain, but it also fits in well with the swashbuckling southpaw batter’s commitment and attitude.

Bineet Jain, Pain and Respiratory Lead, Area Marketing India Subcontinent, Haleon India, said, “The new Iodex UltraGel+ will redefine the pain relief landscape with its strong formulation and superior penetration providing all day pain relief with no smell. With double power, Iodex UltraGel+ is the perfect ally for cricketer Rishabh Pant’s need for all-day pain relief while he prepares for his return to the field. As a heritage brand trusted for many generations, Iodex has always helped Indians achieve their dreams by effectively managing body pains, and this new launch is a testament to this commitment.”

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