Gulf Oil unveils a new ad campaign featuring Smriti Mandhana

Gulf Oil is able to reach a wide range of people via Mandhana's popularity, her girl-next-door attitude, and her impact that transcends demographics.

One of the renowned lubricant manufacturing and marketing companies in India, Gulf Oil Lubricants has unveiled a new campaign for its product, Gulf Pride Scooter Plus engine oil, featuring Indian women’s team vice-captain, Smriti Mandhana.

In addition to successfully promoting the product, this campaign aims to present Gulf as a human-touch brand that caters to daily customer demands with a sense of humour.

The Gulf Pride Scooter Plus’s alluring “Insta Zoom” value proposition is at the heart of the promotion. Gulf has successfully identified the demand for efficiency and speed in one’s fast-paced lifestyle, connecting with a broad market and making the product offer immediately approachable. Gulf can reach a wide range of people via Mandhana’s popularity, her girl-next-door attitude, and her impact that transcends demographics.

Amit Gheji, Head of Marketing at Gulf Oil Lubricants, said, “The campaign highlights Gulf Oil India’s unwavering commitment to delivering superlative products and experiences to our valued customers. This campaign serves as a testament to our capacity to comprehend and address tangible consumer needs while ensuring the content remains engaging and relatable. We take pride in our collaboration with Smriti Mandhana, leveraging her immense star power to connect with a diverse audience.”

Gulf used influencers in the pre-launch period to build a lot of buzz. The positioning of influencers carrying banners with the query, “Smriti aapka scooter milega kya?” heightened the audience’s interest while also creating a feeling of anticipation. This technique simplified the marketing and made it more approachable to potential consumers.

The campaign portrays Gulf as a brand that understands and tackles real-life situations, a characteristic that resonates with customers. The use of comedy brought a sense of familiarity and involvement to the campaign, making it engaging and memorable.

The advertising effort for Gulf Pride Scooter Plus is a flawless merger of a great value offer with the star power of Smriti, allowing Gulf to win the hearts and minds of a varied audience. Through this campaign, Gulf not only highlighted the Pride Scooter Plus but also cemented its position as a brand that understands and answers real-world problems with a decidedly personal touch.

The brand campaign film will be distributed via digital channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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