Premier League: Former players lead charge for independent regulatory body

Former English players, Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, and Gary Lineker have come forward with a parliamentary petition for an independent mediator to guard football in Premier League and other levels in England. This move comes after the European Super League fiasco that saw the big six English clubs leave the Champions League and join a Breakaway league.

After backlash from fans, former players, and football’s governing bodies, all six English withdrew from ESL. On Monday, Neville and other former English players issued a letter and petition for an independent regulatory body/mediator to avoid such a situation in the future.

Is this change necessary?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary because there have been growing tensions in the past month across European football. Within English football, as deemed to be ‘top 6’ clubs- Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and also clubs from Spain and Italy joined this league to seize more money to become even bigger financial powerhouses. This would also create disparities between richer clubs and economically disadvantaged clubs. 

However, English clubs left it except for Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona are still part of this project. These former football players can make sure that equilibrium in English football is maintained and big six never think about another opportunity to create another breakaway league.

What is an independent regulator? 

An independent regulator is just like a referee who decreases the impartiality in the game to a certain extent. In this scenario, a regulator would seek to protect the traditions, values, and norms of English football and will guard against possible threats like Super league in the future.  It would also help in applying stricter guidelines and regulations which will protect the clubs from unsuitable owners and bad practices which would try to create disparities between Premier League, English FA, and EFL. 

Is it getting enough support?

79% of the English football fans are in favour of this decision according to a poll done by YouGov last October. It was announced by the government that it was forming up a fan-led review of English football governed by MP Tracy Crouch and she hopes to flexibility, updated reforms, tighter regulations, and financial steadiness.

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