Manchester City prolong fan experience enhancement with Qualtrics extension

The newly unveiled agreement signified an expansion of Qualtrics' role as the official experience management software partner of Manchester City.

The seven-time Premier League winners, Manchester City have solidified their collaboration with Qualtrics, a pioneer in the Experience Management (XM) Category.

Having been an official club partner since 2021, the newly unveiled agreement signified an expansion of Qualtrics’ role as the official experience management software partner.

With Qualtrics at the helm, the club has consistently collected and studied fan feedback to ensure optimal experiences, both within and beyond the boundaries of the Etihad Stadium.

Through this strategic alliance, the treble winners have gathered and assessed prompt feedback, offering invaluable insights into the preferences of match-attending fans at the Etihad Stadium. This has been facilitated by targeted post-match surveys and real-time feedback initiatives implemented across various touchpoints, including the Kids Fanzone and hospitality areas within the Etihad Campus.

Tom Boyle, VP, Global Partnerships Marketing & Operations at City Football Group, said, “We are pleased to extend our partnership with Qualtrics as we continue to look for ways to improve our matchday offering and other experiences beyond matchday for our fans. 

“In recent years, we have seen increased matchday satisfaction results and Qualtrics have played a key role in helping us to understand and improve our services.

“We’re looking forward to building on this fantastic work during the next term of the partnership and in the future.”

Brad Anderson, President of Products and Engineering at Qualtrics, added, “Fans are the fuel in any football club and being able to continue to learn what fans want from the matchday experience is gold.

“With our strategic partnership, the club can amplify fan voices to drive deeper connections and take fan engagement to new heights.”

Qualtrics is a widely used experience management platform that helps organizations gather, analyze, and act on feedback from customers, employees, and other stakeholders. It offers a range of tools for creating surveys, collecting data through various channels such as the web, email, and mobile devices, and analyzing the results in real-time. With features like advanced analytics, customizable dashboards, and automation capabilities, Qualtrics enables businesses to make data-driven decisions, improve customer experiences, and drive organizational success.

On the field, the Cityzens beat Brentford earlier today 1-0 and cemented their spot in the top two of the English top-flight points table. The defending champions will next play AFC Bournemouth on Saturday at 11 PM IST.

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