West Ham United onboard WellO2 as exclusive respiratory supplier

Through this deal with West Ham United, WellO2 will showcase the device's various potential in helping the public and athletes equally overcome common respiratory conditions.

The Premier League (PL) club, West Ham United (WHU) have announced a partnership with the leading respiratory brand, WellO2.

With an emphasis on raising awareness on enhancing respiratory health, the Finnish company has been named the club’s first official and exclusive respiratory supplier as part of the arrangement.

Aulis Kärkkäinen, an entrepreneur who had suffered from respiratory problems for many years, invented a transforming solution in the form of the WellO2 breathing equipment.

The appliance blends steam inhalation with resistance training for the respiratory muscles. The first WellO2 devices were released in 2016, and today there are over 100,000 active users globally. The product has emerged as the most technologically sophisticated and adaptable drug-free tool for treating and maintaining respiratory health.

With the commencement of the partnership, the WellO2 breathing device, which has immense popularity throughout Scandinavia, will be now made available in the UK. Through this agreement, WellO2 will be able to further showcase the device’s various potential in helping the general public and elite athletes equally overcome common respiratory conditions like inflammations, acute chest infections, and asthma.

Chief Commercial Officer, West Ham United, Nathan Thompson, said, “We are delighted to be working with WellO2 to promote respiratory health among our loyal fan base. This partnership signifies our dedication to supporting our fans not only in their passion for football but also in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Our shared values of excellence, commitment, and the importance we both place on healthy living for all make this partnership a natural fit. Together, we aim to inspire and empower athletes and fans alike to prioritise their well-being and achieve their full potential, both on and off the pitch.”

Richard Collinge, Performance Director at West Ham United, commented, “We look forward to working with the team at WellO2. The importance of effective breathing techniques and maximising lung capacity when playing football cannot be understated. In working with WellO2 we are excited to explore how to best implement the WellO2 devices into the strength and conditioning programme for our players. We are always open to new and innovative ways to generate improvements in player performance, and we see the relationship with WellO2 as another valuable asset in supporting the team.”

Tuomas Mattelmäki, CEO of WellO2, said, “WellO2 offers significant benefits to both elite athletes and everyone who has respiratory problems or aims to improve performance. We are extremely excited that West Ham United contacted us, and we are now starting as their respiratory health supplier.”

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